Furniture Acquisition

Just like our Montana views, we never tire of this view. Our neighbor Joe created some nice new roads for walking–he merely bladed the existing roads that had been taken over by the desert.

What is wrong with people?? During the last winter storm in Montana an 18 year old young man pulling a travel trailer ran over and killed two young men. The 28 year old and 37 year old were working an accident for their employer, a local tow truck company. Three lives destroyed. Last night two state troopers were working a rear end collision on I-90. A fire truck was blocking one lane of the freeway. Some guy came along, lost control and sideswiped BOTH trooper cars. No one was injured. The report said visibility was good and the roads were dry. May they throw the book at the guy!!

And another thing–rear end collision on the freeway when people are doing 80 miles per hour??? It happened to the Cowboy’s Dad, Nat. He was going to a horse shoe pitching tournament, had his cruise set at 65 mile per hour and a semi hit him from behind! Hit him hard enough to knock Nat’s baseball cap off his head. So much distraction, so many people not paying attention.

We’ve just been plugging away. The Cowboy has been laying tile, grouting. I’m still painting doors–this house has a lot of doors! I helped him grout tile this morning–the baseboard tile–I sat on a short stool and scooted along–protecting that knee!

Tuesday morning the Cowboy saw a loveseat he liked on Craigslist–it was in Sierra Vista and off we went Tuesday afternoon. I liked it too.

Ordered blinds today for the west facing dining room windows, went to the post office and the Dollar Store which had many bare shelves. It’s our only local place for any type of groceries. The little market we did have has closed–it was in the process of being sold but the buyer never came through with the money. In the midst of all this the owner had a stroke. His wife can’t care for him and keep the store open. It’s a big loss for this community.

And I will just keep my mouth shut about the election debacle.

We’ve had some lovely sunsets–

Life is good but I have Covid fatigue–we took a little drive this afternoon to see what had changed in our community and met our pastor walking home from the church. The church members had coined that phrase tonight and I adopted it–I have Covid fatigue. I’m sick of Covid, I’m tired of being cautious about where we go, I’m tired!!


12 thoughts on “Furniture Acquisition

  1. I was so sad when I heard about those tow truck drivers. And as angry as I feel about the young man who killed them, I also feel bad for him. He has to live his entire life knowing he killed two people. And it could have been prevented. So stupid.

    The couch is perfect for a desert house. Its sad to see small businesses have to close, especially a food place.

    Our sunsets have been incredible lately but I’m tired of the 90s. Only problem is we drop to the 60s. I want 80s!


    1. Yes, Sandie–three lives were destroyed in that tow truck accident. We are so sad to have lost our little grocery store–don’t know if it will ever open. And yes, our cooler weather is coming again too.


  2. Big wind leading up to rain Sunday here(camping) near Three Points. You guys batten down shutters in case you have wind too. AZ is SO dry. Your new acquisition looks great!


  3. Love that first pictures…nice neighbor you have! And of course Arizona sunsets are the best! I just saw Montana is about to have a nasty blizzard…Gay


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