Busy As Usual

Have you voted? Facebook wants to know. We voted before leaving Montana and my dear great niece voted in Arkansas for the first time–

I love these three and the other one that isn’t of voting age although she had a milestone birthday this week–sweet sixteen.

Thursday the Cowboy made a hole in the house–on purpose. All the lines from the three mini-split heating and air conditioning units have to run outside–thus the hole. When we had that little two day cold snap I reminded the Cowboy that it would be nice to have heat over in the main house.

Thursday and Friday we set the last two porch roof steel posts into cement. I don’t do very much except make sure the cement in going into the form when the Cowboy releases the handle on the mixer. He had placed a board just below the mixer that let the cement drop onto the board then flow into the form–I encouraged it with a shovel–not my favorite tool!😝Friday he found out the metal roofing is probably a month or more out on delivery. Not good news.

Friday we traveled to Sierra Vista for building supplies and groceries. I brought so much food with us but we needed produce–we eat a lot of salads, fruit of all kinds and I use a lot of onions. We are still huge fans of Walmart pickup. For lunch we had our usual–Culvers–they have outdoor dining and the pooch was tagging along on this trip.

Saturday the Cowboy made ready the concrete forms for the compressor base which powers the mini split heating and air conditioning units. When we bought groceries on Friday one of our Walmart substitutions was six 12oz boxes of fresh raspberries in place of the frozen ones I had ordered. We would not eat that many fresh raspberries before the fruit spoiled. So, I washed, let mostly dry and froze the fruit–

In the evening we were dinner guests at Dan and Louanne’s. The dinner was amazing and it was so good to spend time with them. They are mask wearers, social distancers and are careful. And it was so good to have someone else do the cooking! Two times the doorbell rang with trick or treaters. The second time it was a little girl and when Dan asked her if there was anybody else with her she said, “yes, my little brother but he’s not behaving and had to stay in the car.” Funny!

Sunday the Cowboy laid and cut tile. I painted doors and worked at trying to find gopher holes–we are inundated with holes in our yard this year. The ground is so hard with no moisture in months I’m thinking even the gophers are having trouble digging.


14 thoughts on “Busy As Usual

  1. Happy to hear you take breaks and have dinner
    out once in awhile.
    Just wondering, which section of the house is
    primarily your living quarters and what is the other
    side for? Just guests or a rental? Guess what I’m wondering,
    is this your retirement home or a great investment?
    Whichever, it’s going to be very nice and comfortable.🤗


  2. Love the door and the color! Eating out at a restaurant or with friends sounds really nice right about now…seems like years since that has been a treat for us! Gay


  3. The Cowboy is amazing! You two together are AMAZING! Looking forward to seeing what another season will bring at the Arizona digs. I too have become addicted to WalMart pickup. I go at 7am, never have to wait, and usually don’t accept the substitutions, although all those raspberries would have been fun. And yes, we voted, and probably cancelled each other out. LOL We have had gophers, ground squirrels, and moles in record numbers this year. I heard it is a huge problem all over this area as well. No more coyotes to eat them I guess. Probably wouldn’t want coyotes wandering around the neighborhoods eating little doggies and kitties, but it sure would be nice to have something eat the gophers. We have tried everything except trapping. The neighbors paid a huge sum to have an exterminator trap them to no avail. We have used the repellant, but you have to use it as directed to move them somewhere else. Maybe your neighbor’s property? Ah well….the joys of having an acre to play with.


    1. Thanks Sue! We have coyotes, lots of them–I need to get out there and give them a lecture–get to catching those gophers and rats you lazy coyotes! I walked around the end of the house one recent morning and there stood a coyote staring at me–he took off and I was glad Emmi was on the other side of the house!


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