Let The Work Begin

The Cowboy wasted no time in getting back to work! Monday morning he began the front porch project by leveling the area and by days end he had dug one post hole, poured the concrete and set that post. Onward. By Wednesday afternoon we had two steel post set in concrete.

Then our cold snap hit–WHAT??? It’s rather early in the season for 25 degree mornings! Monday was cloudy and windy, Tuesday’s high was about 58 degrees and Wednesday morning our thermometer said 25 degrees!!! We went from having a beautiful lantana plant (one with the orange flowers) to a frostbitten, done lantana plant. I even tried covering it with a water proof drape but it didn’t help at 25 degrees. I will cut back all the dead and the lantana will come back in the spring. Wish I could have enjoyed it a bit longer!

The Cowboy built a small wood burning stove for our living/dining area. He attempted to start a fire in that stove Tuesday morning but the stove wouldn’t draw–at all. So up on the roof, then back down, then back up on the roof–I lift him onto the roof with the backhoe. Seems some type of bird decided the cap on the roof would make a nice, sheltered place to build a nest–then it appeared the whole nest slipped down into the stove pipe plugging it solid. The stove pipe is unplugged and another project to add to the list is to put screening around the cap on the roof so it can’t happen again.

Because it was so cold and windy Tuesday the Cowboy tackled tile laying–

I cleaned the guest house portion of our dwelling–we still use the kitchen and living room of this area and I don’t like sharing my space with spiders, dead bugs, etc. So cleaning was on the agenda. This year I brought the Roomba from Montana–I love that thing for vacuuming under beds–“she” does a good job! And, we are all unpacked. I still need to clean the motorhome but that can wait.

It is so incredibly dry in Arizona–we’ve not seen the southeastern corner this dry. Last year just before we arrived the area had received 3 inches of rain. Everything was so green. Not this year. Dry, dry. I filled the birdbath and the bees lined up around the edge drinking the water.

The cold front brought us one stunning sunset–

Here is a photo of my fiddly pumpkin–must not have been too fiddly–I’m in the process of making another as I liked the finished project. The next one I will close the openings a different way allowing me to insert a larger “stem.”

And our first hawk visitor–

Life is good–most of the time.

18 thoughts on “Let The Work Begin

  1. I read recently about what a difficult time bees are having finding food. The article suggested leaving sugar water available for them. Sounds like they’re having a hard time finding water sources, too!


  2. Thanks for the pictures.
    Your pumpkin is darn cute!
    Take it easy as you can….. your probably walking
    on cement all day. Hard on the knees.


  3. You did arrive just in time for our brief cold snap. Thansk goodness it was only a couple days. I wanted it to cool but not that much. Sorry you lost your lantana. It was looking so healthy…before 25 degrees hit it. Michael doesn’t sit still for a minute does he. The energizer bunny! Can’t wait to see the porch.


  4. The Cowboy and you like to stay busy! I might ask for a pint of your blood from you, and the Cowboy! Because I have just have little energy, but getting down to Green Valley should help. Keep up the good work! Rawn


  5. Off and running. The Cowboy and you never stop. Hopefully when the weather warms back up a little you can take a break and explore for awhile.


  6. Looks like that cold weather followed you all the way from Montana. 😦 But not for long! At least you got a gorgeous sunset out of it. You guys are so inspiring in all that you accomplish.


  7. Oh good, I was worried you two might rest for a couple days! The porch is going to be a lovely addition to your showcase home. Bummer about the lantana. I’ve thought about putting some along our fence but maybe not 😦 Even if it comes back, it’s a shame to lose such a pretty bush. Yep, we are veeeery dry, scary dry.


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