Winter Has Arrived In Montana

My first few years in Montana, I loved winter. I loved hibernating in the house with no yard to mow or weeds to spray, sitting in front of a warm fire reading a good book. Cooking soups, breads and desserts. The Cowboy’s excavating work slowed in winter and most of our “work” involved feeding the cows every day. Then calving would start–and I must admit–that wasn’t so fun!

Spring was a long, long time coming in Montana. I would be traveling for work, flying off to destinations in the south where the trees had leaves, the grass was green and the daffodils were in full bloom. Then–I would fly back into Billings, Montana in a blizzard. Leaves, green grass and daffodils weren’t happening in the frozen north for months.

So the years went on and we started going to Arizona in January of 2003. And now, I don’t like winter, at all!! And it’s winter in Montana and we are still in Montana this year–dang, gimpy knee!!! Saturday our high temperature was 35 degrees and snow drifted down all day.

Thursday we took a trip to Billings–I had another knee injection and we bought a few groceries. We ordered takeout from one of our favorite restaurants–CJ’s–and ate sitting in the car–not an ideal situation but it’s winter in Montana and sitting outside is no longer an option.

Friday was our 26th wedding anniversary. No celebrating in this Covid mess. I made cheese enchiladas for lunch–that was our celebration. Made me sad.

I get so excited when I master a new knitting technique. In an email from there was a free pattern to make these:

I ordered the yarn the pattern specified–cheap, nasty stuff and started a pumpkin on Friday without success–ripped it out three or four times. I emailed my friend Judy from the Patchwork Times ย who while in the midst of a move from Texas to Missouri always returns my emails promptly. Judy is a knitter extraordinaire! Saturday she told me to use the magic loop method–oh dear, something new to learn! YouTube to the rescue and by evening I had the beginnings of a pumpkin. Can’t say I’m sold on the magic loop method but it keeps one from having to buy a whole set of shorty knitting needles. This pumpkin is a fiddly process and I don’t like fiddly.

Writing the above paragraph I thought of another knitter extraordinaire we had the privilege of knowing. One of Nat’s caregivers, a kind, super caring young woman–Sandy–was working on becoming a Master Knitter. Her knitting was simply stunning. Sandy was one of the supervisors for the home health agency we used and I never called her for extra help that she didn’t provide that help. We loved her. At the age of 55, Sandy lost her life to a brain aneurysm.

Sunday was more of the same–snow, not even 30 degrees. Even Emmi has no interest in being outside. We shoveled snow so I could fill the bird feeders and so we could get to the motorhome. When the snow stops the Cowboy will attach the snow blade to the skidsteer and plow the driveway.

Are we living a new normal? Is this what our lives will be now? Check out our friend Nina’s blog, Life Within, and Building Anew–Nina is a fabulous writer and now lives with her husband and father in France.

26 thoughts on “Winter Has Arrived In Montana

  1. Great blog, Janna. And a Happy Anniversary to you two!! and…snow…yuk. You know how I feel about snow. Most people who love snow are those who haven’t lived in it for decades and like the pretty pictures. Not all, but most. And, most important. Life is much to short to knit with cheap yarn! good wool, hand dyed, silks and such make knitting a delight. Reminds me to get knitting again.


  2. Hi to you both. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Trust you will be soon on your way to AZ and able to enjoy some warm weather.
    Take care and stay safe.


  3. Beautiful photos of the snow…it looks so surreal when viewed from the tropics of Florida! I know you’ll be happy to get to your winter paradise in Arizona. Happy Anniversary, and wishing you many more years of adventures together. We’re all drawing smaller circles around our lives these days…it seems as though you’re making the best of this challenging time (learning to knit, among other things. :-))


  4. Happy Anniversary!, you might not like the weather, but it does make for pretty pictures. ONce you are finally able to get on the road, please drive safe.


  5. Happy anniversary! We are still in Oregon, but hopefully will be traveling soon to Green Valley. I’m sure you’ll be ready, and will get out asap! I agree, I no longer like snow! Well take care, Rawn & Joann Stone


  6. That pumpkin is adorable but sure looks like a tedious project. Your snow just looks cold. Not even pretty…brrrr!! Hope your knee injections work and finish soon so you can hit the road for warmer temps. Stay warm!! Happy Anniversary!


  7. I feel the same about winter that you do. In late December of 2004 we made a fast 2 week trip in a Class C to Big Bend in Texas and that cemented our desire to spend winters in a warm climate. Both Kelly and I absolutely hate winters but it looks like we are stuck with it now.


    1. I feel for all you Canadians stuck in the cold! I can still remember the wonderful feeling of warmth when I got out of the truck in St. George, Utah on our first trip south in 2003.


  8. Wow that’s a lot of snow for mid October!! Hope you’re able to head south soon. We’re finally seeing a long stretch of cooler temps ahead so hopefully we’ll have some fall before winter arrives here. Pretty pics but I can tell you’re over it already ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. Happy Anniversary! The years go fleeting by…. we
    see it too. Thanking the Lord for each year.
    Not sure if I mentioned to you already but my
    Cowboy tried the shots with not much long term relief.
    The knee replacement was the best success. He is so happy
    he did it. Lots of therapy was the key. You may
    only need the tiny incisions… many do.
    You have snow and we just have small inklings of
    fall…… wanting it so badly. Lol
    Hoping for a quick get away for you soon.


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