Motorhome Repairs And Squishy Mail

I sincerely don’t think I’ve ever experienced wind such as we’ve had in our neck of the woods this past three to four days. On Tuesday night it was as if we were in a hurricane–literally! If we didn’t live in a log home the walls would be shaking!! It’s been cold with a nasty spitting rain. It’s dangerous to take a 10 pound dog out for a walk in this wind–she could end up who knows where as the wind swirls changing direction at whim.😁

Monday I used the new Cricut to make some labels for some of the Beaver control switches. This new Cricut and I have a love/hate relationship–it’s a learning curve for this brain! Twenty years ago when this Beaver was manufactured I’m sure engineers sat around a table and decided to hide the switches for the lights, generator, water pump, etc. under a cabinet–yes, under a cabinet over the dining room table! I’m sure those engineers thought, “that will drive someone crazy!” On the front of the cabinets above the dining room table is the monitor panel for the batteries, tank levels, etc. There is plenty of space above that panel for the other switches to have been located in plain sight–but oh, no, those engineers had to hide the switches and make you crane your neck to see which one you need. So I made labels to help us learn by feel exactly where the right switch is located.

In the bedroom of this coach the same engineers placed the light switch down low under the edge of a tiny little vanity located in the corner. Not on the perfectly good wall to the right as you enter the bedroom! GRRRRR!!

And speaking of motorhome, my handy husband, bless his heart, just spent two days on his knees (not praying) working on the hot water heating system. Our temps are much cooler and the Cowboy fired up the heating system to make sure nothing freezes in the motorhome–the system wouldn’t stay running. We used the heat on our trip to the Bitterroot Mountains ATVing with Larry and Geri–it worked then. Not this time and I’m so, so glad we tried it now, not in the cold, dark morning of our departure! The Cowboy would NOT have been happy! Parts are ordered, the repair is ongoing.

Emmi was not a happy girl on Tuesday–bath and a trim. Today she went to the veterinarian and she wasn’t a happy girl again–two days in a row–she will need extra treats to recover!!

Less than a week ago the Cowboy was reading an article about potential shortages as this virus event drags on and on. I don’t remember what exactly was going to be in short supply other than flour until he landed on the word, “YARN!” Guess we know where my priorities are right now! I immediately found my computer and logged onto a website, I’ve had such poor experiences with big websites such as KnitPicks and–they ship their yarn via pony express I swear! And when you call their customer service lines they act offended that you would dare complain.

Not so with Miss Babs! I ordered on Thursday of last week and if not for Monday being a holiday, I would have received the yarn on Monday. The yarn in itself is amazing–huge balls of luscious, soft, squishy yarn in a gorgeous deep garnet red. It’s for a sweater (my first) and I was going with a basic neutral grey. The Cowboy picked the red color and now I’m glad I let him! The yarn came packaged in tissue paper complete with a thank you note, three little complimentary stitch markers and a strand of yarn to try. You can actually email a person at Miss Babs and get a quick reply. I’m in love!

Photo doesn’t show the luscious deep red color!

The wind actually stopped just after 4pm and it snowed briefly. We bundled up and hurried to take Emmi for a walk and almost managed to get back to the house before the wind started blowing again followed by snow pellets.

And—we voted today. Our ballots came in the mail, we filled in the dots and I delivered them to the ballot box sitting outside our clerk and recorders office.



16 thoughts on “Motorhome Repairs And Squishy Mail

  1. ooooh yarn fun! and it is a pretty red. You will look very red hot!
    we have your wind now. and it is not fun.
    I can forsee your cowboy relocating the switches in the not too distant future.
    Stay warm, the temps are dropping and there is snow predicted for here – SE North Dakota for Sunday eve into Monday.


  2. Hi there… I order from Miss Babs too, and totally agree. I like their fingering weight for shawls/scarves. My gauge is so iffy, that I shy away from sweaters. Another seller that I use is Elsa Wool. She’s in Colorado, the scrumptious wool is produced by her own sheep, and she mails within a couple of days. Happy Knitting!


  3. Sometimes you just have to wonder what engineers are thinking when they design something. My husband is always complaining about the dumb ways things are put together.

    Some women’s group around here had a speaker tell them to expect shortages if the Covid keeps up. One of the odd things was pumpkin, believe it or not. Folks at the store said they had already had someone from somewhere else come in looking for pumpkin because he couldn’t find any where he lived. I’ve already been stocking up on a few things I know we will need.

    Good luck getting the MH in tip-top shape for your trip south. It’s good you have such a handy hubby.


    1. Well, the Cowboy won’t eat pumpkin so that won’t be a problem for us although I saw what sounded like a delicious recipe for pumpkin gingerbread on the Patchwork Times. I too have gathered some groceries I might want at Christmas time for baking.


  4. You surely are a skilled needle worker as you are knitting sweaters,
    wow! My mother picked up knitting quickly but I didn’t get that gene.
    Will enjoy seeing your results.
    Have you ever shown us your Beaver Motorhome, inside?
    I know they were always top of the line. Maybe a peak inside sometime.
    Guess you will be heading for Arizona soon. Are you ready for the change
    and will you find spiders and such in your house? We had a house in
    Arizona and when we arrived I was always cautious. Only found a
    half dead scorpion one time. The desert was worth it!


    1. I have only been knitting since April. YouTube is lots of help as is Judy from the Patchwork Times blog–If I get stuck, she can usually help. The initial post when I revealed we had purchased another 40 foot motorhome had one inside photo–on September 20. I will take some more as we travel and post–yes we are getting ready to depart this cold/windy country! I’ve seen one live scorpion and one dead scorpion inside the house since we purchased the property. We do have spiders and spider webs when we get back but I make short work of those. It’s been over a year since we’ve seen ANY scorpions–since we completely closed up the house. If I had scorpions in my house I just might be finding some where else to live–those things seriously creep me out!!


  5. I didn’t realize you had only been knitting since April!…and now you’re starting a sweater! I’m impressed. I started learning how to knit about 20 years ago but only got as far as making a scarf. I had no idea how to cast off, so it just got longer and longer, LOL. You’re inspiring me to try again. 🙂


    1. Those beautiful balls of yarn keep staring at me saying, “get started!” I have so much on my mind right now with getting ready to leave that I don’t want to start without being totally focused. It’s really going to look like winter today!


  6. Such beautiful country! You won’t find cold or snow when you return here – we’re still looking at high 80’s for another week. Hope you bring some cooler temps with you! In our six year old motorhome they put the toilet paper roll behind the toilet – like you practically sit on it because the toilet is up against the wall. We don’t use the holder because it’s just so ridiculous. None of our switches or outlets are on outside walls, but I’m grateful they’re all visible! I also never got past long scarves :-)))


  7. Beautiful photos Janna! I admire your skills…is there anything you can not do? I have yarn, needles and markers to make a baby blanket and have not even started. My problem is focus and time…I don’t like starting and stopping and starting and stopping over and over. It’s hard for me to pick up knowing where I left off. Gay


    1. Well unless you are a super fast knitter (I’m NOT) you will have to learn to stop and start. I use an app on my iPad–Knit Companion. It’s awesome for keeping track of where you are, what row, etc. I had to watch YouTube videos to learn to use the app but then it was easy.


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