I’m Not Crowing

The first injection of the rooster comb stuff is done, two more to go over the course of two weeks. I’m not crowing, yet!😆It’s nice to be able to obtain medical services in Columbus instead of driving all the way to Billings–it’s about half the distance. The orthopedic group I’m using has a clinic most Thursdays in Columbus. An added bonus is the grocery store–an IGA–open, bright, clean and very well stocked with friendly employees.

Friday was another beautiful day–with smoke, lots of smoke. Couldn’t smell the smoke but the mountains were obscured for most of the day. On Sunday we enter a different weather pattern with several days of possible rain.

My morning was spent putting the backyard flower bed down for the winter. And I selectively pruned the huge spruce tree in front of the house–it’s lower branches were taking over the flower bed and the smaller spruce tree. The Cowboy completed an irrigation project.

In Montana we receive only 15 inches of moisture per year if that. Not enough to make hay crops without irrigation. Much of the farm land in Montana has “water rights.” These water rights were established by the early pioneers in the late 1800’s. Earlier water rights have priority over water usage each spring. The water is taken from Montana’s rivers and creeks and diverted into a series of ditches running to each property. Ranchers and farmers in times past used flood irrigation techniques. Today’s center pivots are said to be a better conservation tool for water usage. Other irrigation techniques include using irrigation perforated pipe, wheel line irrigators and other methods.

On our small ranch we use flood irrigation from a large ditch out of a nearby creek. Our ditch was built by two men using horses and a fresno scoop–three MILES of ditch!!

The Cowboy’s project on Friday was to build and install a new head gate at the point in the ditch where the water is either sent into the irrigation ditch on our ranch or allowed to flow down the creek beside our house. I forgot to take a photo of the one he built using an old culvert and salvaged steel but here’s a photo giving you the general idea.

The Cowboy felt as if the old head gate and culvert were leaking allowing precious water to flow on down the creek when he was trying to irrigate. So–he built a new head gate, dug up the old one and installed the new allowing it to settle in over the winter.

Saturday was a windy, warm fall day with the wind taking away much of our fall color. By early next week I am betting our trees will have lost their colorful foliage and winter will be just around the corner.

Sunday’s weather change arrived early–Saturday evening the wind gusts were awful and about 9:30pm we lost power–rare for us. And it rained, not much but it rained finally! Some time in the night our power came back on–now to reset all the clocks. Sunday was miserable with rain/snow/wind and very chilly temps.

My last finished quilt project is off the longarm. The longarm has been put to bed for the winter and the sewing machine cleaned and oiled. Very little sewing stuff is going to Arizona with me this year. I have a sewing machine there and I’m taking things to make masks if need be. Lots of yarn is going with us.😍

Life is good!


17 thoughts on “I’m Not Crowing

  1. Hope the injections help Janna. We had beautiful fall weather this weekend. More color than I remember seeing in a long time. Rain moving in, so the leaves will be falling big time.


  2. I know when Brenda was getting injections in her knee, the same stuff she was getting, our old mare was getting as well. It was about half price at the vets and they used an ultrasound to guide them while Brenda’s doc just aimed and pushed.


  3. Hello Janna & Cowboy!
    First I hope the injections help! And second it looks like you live on some beautiful acres. Every time I drive through Montana(after dodging the deer) I’m amazed the beauty of Montana. Hope to meet you 3 next Winter, we have a place in Green Valley. Unless they call soon and schedule my hip surgery, I’ve had injections in both hips, the right one got some relief, but the left one is in lot of pain! Your knees and my hips, I believe it was Art Linkletter, “growing old isn’t for sissies”! You 3 take care, Rawn & Joann Stone and Peanut!


  4. My dad had rooster injections and they really did help. He never did have a knee replacement. We have finally cooled down into the 90s for highs. The nights are in low 70s or high 60s so just about perfect. Safe travels on your way south.


    1. Thanks Sandie–the physicians assistant told me they had been injecting one patient with this gel substance for NINE years!! Glad it’s cooling down in Arizona before we get there!


  5. Sure hope those injections work for you. It did wonders for me but took a long time to work. Of course that was years ago. I’m sure the newer stuff is much better. Your smokey view looked like ours on Thursday. We don’t get as much smoke as we did prior. Good to see blue sky most days. I feel for all the people waiting for the fire to get totally under control.


    1. They told me it might take six weeks after the last injection for me to really feel the effects of the gel. So many people have told me it helped and as much as you hike, hearing that it helped you is extremely encouraging!


  6. Fortunately the smoke we could see in NM didn’t follow us back to AZ. It did make for a pretty muted pic of your hills and fields 🙂 We’re still too hot here, your low temps and rain/snow sound wonderful! That Michael can fix or build anything – what a blessing for you and your homes.


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