Another Birthday

Until December our family birthdays are celebrated. On Tuesday we celebrated the Cowboy’s birthday with an evening party and chocolate pie–instead of cake. He had a good day–a little puttering, a little napping and an evening with family–a good day. The grands and greats brought Grandpa a fabulous birthday present–he loved it!–

We are having one beautiful Indian summer–the leaf color brightens and changes by the hour it seems. Our days are warm, nights are cool. All that may change over the weekend but for now we will take it.

The Cowboy cut several downed aspen trees into firewood on Wednesday. Emmi was to have had a vet appointment but they called just as we were walking out the door–an emergency surgery gave Emmi a reprieve. After making the Cowboy lunch from last night’s leftovers, I headed to town for coffee with Jeane and Jill–on the patio of Thistle Creek. We are all caught up on the “news.”

Back home I found the Cowboy puttering with the motorhome and when I attempted to extend the bedroom slide, I found something else for his puttering pleasure–the slide wouldn’t extend. He was thrilled.🤣

I have the best family. My Mom lives in her own home but she couldn’t do that if it weren’t for our family. My sister Ann and husband Danny, my brother Ross and wife Vicky, and my niece Niki and her family. They all make sure Mom gets to places she wants to go, they take her to doctor appointments and church. And they feed her–someone is always at Mom’s house making dinner–it was Vicky tonight. Other nights/days Mom goes to their houses. I have the best family–I love and appreciate them so much!

Wednesday Ken and Lesley dropped by bearing a gift–I fed their kitties for them while they were away on an ATV trip into Utah. This is a John Worth pottery piece–I have quite a collection of John Worth pottery and I love his stuff–John is also a friend and neighbor. Thank you so much Lesley!




14 thoughts on “Another Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday to your Cowboy and blessings for many more!
    Your fall colors are beautiful….. just hoping we will eventually get some
    real fall weather.
    When will you leave for the desert?


  2. A belated Happy Birthday to Mike. Another year, another RV problem eh. Oh we know it so well. At least you guys got your own problem solving mechanic. We don’t got nuthin. I still remember Mike changing our Jeep Wrangler’s broken headlights in Congress Arizona. I couldn’t even figure out where to begin.


  3. It’s wonderful that your family works together to help your mom stay in her home. My mom used to make chocolate pie. Sounds like Mike had a great birthday filled with all kinds of goodies. 🙂


    1. It is wonderful Laurel–my sister lived with Mom for a month after Mom’s husband died in March, getting her back on her feet. My sister and her husband live right across the county road from Mom and my brother lives just around the corner.

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      1. Oh, that sounds like a perfect situation! Although we traveled across the country for many years to help my folks, I often wish we could have done more. It’s so hard these days when families are spread across great distances.


  4. Sounds like a wonderful birthday for Michael…cheez-it’s are a favorite for someone in our home too! LOVE your new bowl. I LOVE pottery and will definitely be checking for a John Worth webpage. Beautiful fall colors you are having…enjoy while you can! Gay


  5. Family is the best birthday gift – especially with added snacks :-)))) I miss catching up with girlfriends at a coffee house, there’s just something so civilized about the tradition! Bill never likes to hear “Guess what?” when I’m in the RV 🙂


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