Not What I Wanted To Hear

I’ve used WordPress for three years and not once have I had any glitches, issues, problems–nothing! Until today! The site keeps switching me to “block editor” instead of the “classic editor” I’ve used since day one. What’s up with that WordPress???

Thursday was another one of those busy days putting on the miles. Our first stop was in Columbus, Montana where the physician’s assistant for the orthopedic surgeon I saw holds a clinic at the local hospital. I had additional knee x-rays and then a blunt conversation with the PA. Seems the orthopedic surgeon I saw last September might have missed something as he told me my knee looked “great, no arthritis!” Not only do I have arthritis but I have significant arthritis and am not too far from having to have a total knee replacement!!  YIKES!! When a person has an injury and arthritis, arthroscopic surgery won’t help. I’m not quite to the bone on bone stage but close. So, we are trying conservative measures–the knee was injected with cortisone on Thursday. If that doesn’t work we will try a three part injection series of a gel substance made from the combs of roosters of all things! Geez, I turn 65, start Medicare and fall apart!!

We enjoyed the best lunch at a new to us restaurant–the Windmill. They have a beautiful outdoor patio behind the restaurant situated on the edge of a large pond surrounded by cottonwood trees. They allow pets on the patio, our food was good and the service outstanding!

Late in the afternoon I saw a new internist. He spent one whole hour with me, taking my history and doing an exam. The most thorough doctor’s visit I’ve had, ever! Impressive!

Friday was a warm, breezy day in Montana with some smoke appearing from the west–had hoped we were finished with that stuff! The Cowboy finished his Geoff and Nancy project and I spent part of the day loading things into the motorhome.

Saturday we took a short road trip with friends Sarge and Sarah. There is a small ranching community north of Big Timber called Melville. The building which sits by the highway has always been a restaurant and served as the local post office for so many years. The post office is now gone and three young women have opened a new restaurant in the building–Cafe 191. We were able to sit on the porch, the food was good, the company delightful.

Sunday we spent the afternoon at Geoff and Nancy’s in the company of good friends. They have a lovely home with an awesome deck on the edge of the river. We ate good food, drank great wine and enjoyed the company of good people.

Life is good!

Here are some photos of our latest projects–

The Cowboy cut these from steel for Geoff and Nancy–there are five of them but these two are probably my favorites.

And I gifted this scarf to Sarah on Saturday so I can now post a photo–I finished this piece about three weeks ago but Sarah was in Wisconsin at the time.

Life is good!


16 thoughts on “Not What I Wanted To Hear

  1. So sorry the news wasn’t good for your knee. I had the gel injection years ago. It took almost 6 weeks to really work but all of a sudden one day the pain was gone and my knee felt great. Hope it works for you. The scarf is so nice. I love the pattern. Awesome job!


  2. About WordPress…you probably upgraded your site for the first time in a while and it automatically switched to the newer block editor. You can still use the classic editor but you will need to download the classic editor plug-in to do it. Eventually that plug in will no longer work so it’s probably best to lean int block editor. Sorry I know that’s probably more news you didn’t want to hear! Email us with any questions.


  3. Sorry about the knee. I am going later this month to see if it is time to replace my second knee. I think it is worth it. Beautiful scarf


  4. UGH….really sorry to hear about the knee. And I know knee replacements are no walk-in-the-park (Paul’s dad had both done). Really hope the gel works.

    And wow…that scarf looks beautiful! You have some knitting talent!



  5. Hi. I have used Supartz for more than ten years. A course takes about five injections (I need this for both knees) at one injection a week in each knee, but lasts at least a year and a half for me (not six months). The last round was with Synvisc with fewer injections, but did not seem to work as well for me at all. The injections are a bit uncomfortable, but are quick, even quicker than Synvisc, and some people are better at injecting than others… I still have both original knees, can walk with minimal to no cane assist, and the discomfort has again subsided on its own without recent injections (partly due to the virus situation). I am 77, obese, and have arthritis and gout in most major and minor joints with close to bone on bone in the knees. I have never had arthroscopy. I highly recommend Supartz prior to, or versus, replacement or even arthroscopy unless you only have a tear that can be repaired with arthroscopy.


    1. Wow–thanks so much for sharing your experience! More and more people are telling me the gel works, I will ask about the Supartz. I’ve been told that if you have advanced arthritis and an injury such as I do (torn meniscus) arthroscopy doesn’t help.


  6. So glad you are trying conservative measures first for your knee. I have a couple of friends who tried the gel injections and they’ve been able to avoid surgery, so I’m rooting for you!


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