Birthdays And We Take A Hike

We can’t eat any more birthday cake! Our family has so many September birthdays–six to be exact–and we can’t eat another birthday cake! Tuesday night we celebrated the third birthday of our glorious great granddaughter Millie Bliss with one of those amazing chocolate cakes made by Mimi. Lonn grilled the best beef, chicken and shrimp kabobs–it was a fantastic dinner and we had so much fun. Our great grandchildren are one of life’s greatest joys!

Wednesday after lunch we took a hike–bet you are having a hard time believing that one! In 2000 the Cowboy’s mother died after a long, long battle with cancer. At the time we had a USFS cattle grazing permit near our ranch and from horseback we spread Joy’s ashes at a spot which overlooked the Boulder River valley where the family ranched. We no longer have horses so we took the CanAm up through our friend’s property as far as we could go and hiked down the trail to spread Nat’s ashes near Joy’s. In spite of the ups and downs of almost two miles we both did quite well. The four legged critter with us did very well!

It was disheartening to see the land not being used–it’s overgrown and there is so much downed timber. The trail is disappearing into the forest.

Thursday it’s back to Billings with a stop in Columbus for another knee x-ray and an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon’s physician’s assistant.

Beautiful day for a ride–cold mornings and perfect afternoon temps–Indian summer.


10 thoughts on “Birthdays And We Take A Hike

  1. I love that picture of little Miss Emmi. Sure wish we coukd get some of that Fall weather down here. Still over 100 every day. You may need to switch to birthday pie for every other birthday.


  2. Those are a lot of September birthdays! I was pondering whether or not I would get tired of cake, LOL. The jury is still out. Your great-grandchildren are absolutely darling!


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