Yard Work And Doctors

Monday I was ambitious and after lunch tackled the front yard putting the flower beds to rest for the winter. It was a gloriously beautiful day–warm breezes, abundant sunshine and perfect temps. Lonn came and went all day hauling away our hay which he purchases for the ranch he manages. The Cowboy worked on Geoff projects and irrigated.

I’m cat sitting again and was out and about early Tuesday morning getting caught in a traffic jam on the way back from our friend’s home–a large flock of huge turkeys right in the middle of the road! I was out and about early because the three of us were off to Billings. Knowing it would be a really long day Emmi went along–I just can’t leave her alone for that many hours.

At the primary care physician’s office the Cowboy received a good report and his flu vaccine. He then came back out to the car to sit with Emmi so I could go in and get my flu vaccine. If you plan on getting a flu vaccine now is the time–the nurse told me their last shipment was half of what they usually receive.

Next stop was the dermatologist. The Cowboy inherited his father’s skin. I lost count of the number of MOHS procedures Nat had. I’m thinking the Cowboy is trying to keep up with his father–Tuesday he had a MOHS procedure on the side of his neck. All is well.

Our grocery pickup order at Walmart looked as if we were feeding a family of six instead of just two–I haven’t been to the grocery store in a while!

Wednesday we both turned in circles all day it seemed. I did manage to bathe Emmi and run some loads of laundry. In the evening our friend Joe came for dinner–he and his wife Tammy purchased our ranch in 2005 and live in the house where the Cowboy and I started our lives together. Joe has been working from home since Covid started and can work in Montana just as easily as he can work at their year round home in Colorado. We enjoyed a special evening on our patio until the chill of the evening drove us all back into our houses. We haven’t seen much of Joe and Tammy this summer due to Covid and it was fun to catch up on all their news.

Life is good!

13 thoughts on “Yard Work And Doctors

  1. About those flu shots. My doc’s office here just opened the flu shot clinic and has now used up all 400 of their Super shorts seniors are to receive. I was told they are out for the year. I’m busy now telling my friends that they better get in and get one either at their doctor’s office or at the drug store if they need a super short NOW. They may be in short supply soon.

    Of all the stuff to run out of during these times, it’s regular flu immunizations for seniors, and it’s ironic there aren’t enough( or at least there aren’t enough in Central California).


  2. LOVE you patio and table setting…
    We got flu shots this week at the pharmacy as well. We usually wait till Oct., but decided to go early this year and I am so glad we did! Joe has a very similar experience with MOHs as well and I have actually lost count of the number of his surgeries. It’s not just the surgeries, but also the skin grafts. His scars are now running together like a road map on his neck. Gay


    1. It’s time for 2020 to go away! Now there is going to be a shortage of flu vaccines?? What’s next, toilet paper again?? Mike’s Dad had one of those road maps–he had so many MOHS procedures!


  3. Love those country traffic jams :-))) We haven’t ever gotten flu shots so I guess we’re not going to start this year! As always you guys sound very busy – glad you’re healthy as well.


    1. We’ve gotten flu shots for years–this story makes no medical sense whatsoever but it worked. I traveled extensively when we were first married and was sick ALL the time–head colds–and of course I would pass those colds on to Michael. One evening in the midst of being miserable on an airplane a flight attendant noticed me and said, “get a flu shot.” She told me even though it made no sense to get one for having too many common colds–it worked!! I was much less apt to catch every single little bug someone passed along. And we’ve gotten a flu shot every year with never any issues.


      1. In the 12 years Bill and I have been together he has had four colds and one flu. Six and one for me so we’re leaving the shots for those who really need it. We recognize we could regret it moving forward, but hopefully not being near any people we’ll be good another year 🙂


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