How To Waste Hours

Why do I write a blog–I admit it’s nice to have people comment–a high school classmate Karen, left this comment on Facebook–You each always amaze me with your versatility, and live an incredible life. Another interesting read. Living our day to day life especially in these times I wouldn’t say it’s “incredible” but it’s certainly good Karen–thank you! It’s fun to look at our statistics–and shake our heads at the number of blog views we have, people reading about our lives.

But the most important reason I continue to write a blog–it’s an argument ending tool. I’ve written a blog since 2008 and when an issue arises about who, what, when and where, I can search the blog and find the answer. That searching opens another can of worms–I can waste hours reading and reminiscing about our travels and lives and looking at photos.  Or I can look back and see how many RVs we’ve owned since selling our beloved Country Coach motorhome.😏😏

We’ve owned six other RVs–toy haulers (ugh), single axle camp trailer (big mistake), truck campers (ugh), and two motorhomes. With these six different RVs we are money to the good.

The Cowboy missed the power and the weight hauling capacity we had with the Country Coach, I missed the room, the refrigerator (way bigger than any refrigerator in any other RV we’ve owned) and the stability. We really wanted another Country Coach and we really wanted shorter than 40 feet but it wasn’t to be.

We were both so over driving long distances to look at so called “immaculate” RVs only to find trashy RVs and vowed not to travel any farther than 100 miles from home–that would be Billings or Bozeman. One morning back in early August when I got up the Cowboy said, “get on Craigslist and look at this Beaver motorhome.” I did, we made arrangements to look at the motorhome in Billings. We purchased it on August 7th from a lovely couple–retired police officers from Ohio who moved to Montana after retiring.

The coach is a 2000 Beaver Marquis. A top of the line motorhome which in 2000 sold for over $400,000–can you imagine!!!  It’s twenty years old (depreciated waaaaay below it’s original value) and had a few issues–cracked tiles and soft sub flooring in the bathroom and a diesel leak which we didn’t discover until taking it on its maiden voyage. The outside paint job is beautiful. The inside is in good condition–better than most we’ve seen.

We would not expect most of our readers to pick up on the various hints we wrote since purchasing the coach in early August–tile floors don’t usually happen except in high end motorhomes, not very many small motorhomes are fueled with diesel and I’m not sure there is a small motorhome out there with a diesel hot water heating system. Until last Wednesday’s blog post not one person picked up on these clues–we certainly thought our Canadian friend John, or friends John and Pam or Sue, or Al might have noticed–nope.😁 In Wednesday’s blog I even had one photo taken through the windshield with the Beaver emblem visible.

Our friend Phyllis–we ATV with she and her husband Greg–left this comment on Facebook, “Did you get a different motor home?? I thought on our trip last year, you had a V10???”  When we headed south in late September last fall everyone but us was driving a newer diesel pickup. We were in the Winnebago Aspect with its V10 gas engine. The Cowboy took a lot of ribbing about “can you keep up?” And Phyllis noticed we were now driving a diesel. I told her that if there had been a prize she would have won!😆

We are very happy with the way the motorhome performed on its maiden voyage to the Bitterroot National Forest. In our last post I mentioned that the entire slide gasket was gone leaving the coach open to cold air and critters. Today the new gasket is in place–Ebay and a handy husband to the rescue. There are things we will change–one of Beaver’s not so smart ideas were those curtains–Roman shades that open and close with the push of the button–great idea but how do you clean the things??? I untied the FOUR cords for EACH curtain, hung them over the deck rail and scrubbed. You can’t put the curtains in a washing machine as there are metal rods sewn into each of the folds. Brilliant idea–NOT! I then re-tied each of those fiddly cords and re-hung the curtains. The curtains also hang too low blocking too much of the view. A new couch is probably in order at a later date.

Thursday we took dinner to Lonn’s to celebrate Katie and Mike’s birthdays and Friday we attended an outdoor 60th wedding anniversary celebration of friends and neighbors, Judy and Lyn. A fun gathering with good food!

And that’s what we’ve been doing this past week. The upcoming week will be a busy one–two trips to Billings and three doctor’s appointments–nothing serious.

Smokey and almost dark don’t make for clear photos, especially taken at a distance.

Saturday the wind blew and it rained a couple drops. Today we can see the blue sky, feel the sunshine when it comes out from behind the clouds and see our mountains–it’s wonderful!

Doing a bit of fall irrigating.


21 thoughts on “How To Waste Hours

  1. I love the picture of Mike with an irrigation dam. I remember when I worked for his dad Nat and he had me irrigating with canvas dams that Joy, Mike’s mother, sewed from yards and yards of canvas. Since I knew she had made them the previous winter I was extra careful when I stuck them down with a shovel to not push too hard and cut the fabric. Thanks for the memory.Good ones……


    1. I’m glad Anonymous mentioned the irrigation dam. I was stymied as to what he was hauling!!! I’ve not seen irr. dams in this area of the Okla. Panhandle in 40 years or so. I always dreaded irrigating out of a ditch with the siphon tubes for each row of crop. Takes a LOT of tubes for 160 acres of ground!! Then the underground water lines came along with hydrants and gated irrigation pipe but then the pipe had to be moved to the next location. Finally as the water is playing out, center pivot sprinklers are now the rage. OOOOH!! But talk about expensive!!!
      Don in Okla.


      1. Pivots all around us Don but we don’t have enough land to justify the expense. The Cowboy thought he was finished irrigating for the season but saw the ranch manager of the neighboring ranch who said he was finished with the water, did Mike want it–so he’s irrigating again.


  2. I puzzled over the diesel heat, but thought, well Mike has foregone the blue flame heater and fashioned some kind of diesel stove. We had a little Class C diesel coach as a winter resident here at Dogpound North for a few years. Looks like a nice coach but I really think a new “pink” paint job would make it perfect.


  3. So if you keep buying Motorhome how do you expect us to catch up to you. We’ are on number 9 now and know you are still ahead of us. I really like the sand-colored paint scheme on the coach, And look at all that counter op space. Yes, those curtains are looking a little flumpy alright. I envy your space but not your length. Anyway, looks like ya got yerselves a good one eh:))


  4. Congratulations on the diesel motorhome. Looks exceptionally clean for a 2000. We have a 45′ Newmar Mountain Aire. Enjoy reading your blog. Continue writing
    for all of us readers who don’t always acknowledge your great work.


  5. Thank you for the elk picture! It really helps to see real live animals in the wild still roaming around, unlike us humans…it is reassuring and hopeful.


  6. Al provided my answer already – how are we supposed to keep up? :-))) She’s a beauty for sure and will be nice a comfy for those million mile drives you make in one day! I love the look of Roman shades but have never had them for that very reason – too hard to keep clean even in a sticks and bricks. So nice to see clear skies in your mountains. Those kiddos are too cute – and getting so big!!!


    1. I too love the look of Roman shades and even made some in the distant past–what a chore–but there is just no way to keep them clean. It has been so nice these last few days to see clear skies.


  7. Oh, boy, we really blew it! John brought up your blog when we were driving today.
    I hadn’t read it yet. So when we got home I read this post and then searched the others for what I missed. I guess neither of us thought about your other MH not being a diesel. It seems most of us have pushers. I had to go back and look for the photo of the Beaver. However, you did get my attention when you were talking about the missing gasket and your long slide. I remember thinking at the time that your slide isn’t that long…haha! Little did I know that you were giving us a hint. John just said that you two change RV’s more than he changes his socks!! What a sarcastic guy! Well, I hope Michael is enjoying his power and you are enjoying your space.


  8. Your new-to-you rig is beautiful! And I love Roman shades, even if they are a pain to clean. Congratulations, and may you have many wonderful travel adventures to come. 🙂


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