What A Fabulous Birthday

Who would have ever thought I would be overjoyed at the sight of all this snow on my birthday–Labor Day–September 7?? It’s a first for me–snow on my birthday but because we needed moisture so badly, I considered it a gift.

Geri and Larry came in from their RV parked in the driveway early Monday morning with a gift–And they sang happy birthday to me–they both have lovely voices! Larry and Geri know how much I love ice cream and they couldn’t find any flowers in Big Timber on a Sunday afternoon–so ice cream it was!

We spent the day visiting, laughing and enjoying the fire in the fireplace, watching it snow. The Cowboy was concerned because I was cooking my own birthday dinner but you know, it wasn’t that big of an issue. Steaks on the grill and the birthday cake the Cowboy baked–not really๐Ÿ˜–he bought it at Costco and it was amazingly good!!

Tuesday we spent the day packing and finishing last minute projects on the motorhome. Mid afternoon the Cowboy came inside, I said, “how it’s going.” He said, “not good, the motorhome has a low, low tire.” He inflated the tire–he and Larry left for Big Timber–the tire shop in town had time to fix it!! YEA!!

The snow is slowly melting today but by evening, it’s not all gone. The news reports tell us the snow significantly slowed the fire near Bozeman.

Because of the weather changes, we’ve changed direction–we aren’t going up into the mountains to camp and ride ATVs–the mountains received more snow than we did and the night time lows are not conducive to RV living! So, we are heading west and sticking to a lower elevation for our camping and riding.

Life is good!


18 thoughts on “What A Fabulous Birthday

  1. Snow, how wonderful! We have been in Arizona for a bucket list item
    for my cowboy….. to ride the mules down the Grand Canyon with several
    friends. He loved it!
    He had to book this ride a year in advance. From central Calif
    all the way there and back it was HOT. We went straight to Monterey/Carmel
    and it was very warm there, except for the last two days.
    Praying for rain …. we do have cooler weather today.
    Happy Birthday to you…. 65, a nice age๐Ÿ˜˜
    Enjoy your wonderful RV trip!


    1. How exciting! My Mom and Dad did that ride years ago, then Dad and my sister rode the mules. Mom, my sister Ann and I have hiked to the bottom two different times. An amazing place. I too am praying for rain everywhere!


  2. Thank you SO much for the picture of SNOW today! It’s 78F here in Maryland at 8am, 98% humidity, and starting to rain a bit. It’s so nice to see and hear what others are doing across the country. I always read all the comments too!


  3. How lovely to have some cooling moisture – wish all the fire areas could share some!! The cake looks very yummy. It’s so nice to have options for fun places to ride. Looking forward to seeing where you get to.


  4. It looks like you had a delightful birthday, including the gift of snow! I’m looking forward to seeing what you create with all of that beautiful yarn. (Sorry for my belated comment, for some reason I haven’t been getting notifications of posts. Happy Birthday!)


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