Dang It’s Hot

It’s just wrong for us to have temps in the 90’s at 5200 feet elevation!! Ugh–it’s so hot. I sit in my living room chair under the ceiling fan and knit. If there is anything to be done outside, it’s finished or rather I’m finished by 11am. Emmi is walked at 7am and after the sun goes down and if I see one more rattlesnake she may not get walked at all!😬😬

The Cowboy has been working in the motorhome. The entire bathroom floor has been removed down to the metal floor studs. The toilet is out. This is one major project! At least he can run the air conditioner in the motorhome while he is working! Why do people let issues go until it becomes such a problem to fix?? Once again, I am so glad I have a handy husband!

We were in Billings on Monday obtaining supplies for the motorhome bathroom remodel and it was 104 degrees! Masks were worn and lots of hand sanitizer was used. Wednesday we were in Big Timber obtaining more supplies–Mike likes to support the local lumber yard–he graduated from high school with the owner.😁I retrieved my concealed carry permit from the sheriff’s office and attempted once again to purchase pizza dough at our new little boutique grocery store. Attempted is the key word–this stuff is like gold–comes in on Friday morning and gone by Friday afternoon usually. We will be traveling through Big Timber on Friday–I will try to score pizza dough.

And really, that’s all we’ve been doing. I’m still cooking every meal we eat, I packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to Billings for lunch–isn’t that a sad state of affairs! While we might get takeout, it’s too hot to sit outside and eat that food.

I’m attempting to see an orthopedic surgeon without much success. One would think we lived in Canada as much difficulty as I’m having.😀 I’ve contacted two well recommended orthopedic surgeons–one affiliated with Billings Clinic, the other with St. Vincent Healthcare or SCL Healthcare or just SCL–I think that particular hospital is having an identity crisis! Both want to see my records from any previous surgeon I’ve seen for this knee issue–ONE–and then review those records before granting me an audience! The surgeon I saw for my knee in September of 2019 had been practicing a whole sum total of 3 days when he saw me. I’m a retired operating room nurse. I’ve seen my share of good and bad surgeons. I want someone who is highly recommended and who has been operating for a long time. Guess I may have to wait a while!

Pink skies over the Crazy Mountains.
Thunder clouds brewing on our evening walk.
Setting sun highlighting our log home.


16 thoughts on “Dang It’s Hot

  1. It’s hot here too! Don’t want to plan many outside activities. At least we don’t have forest fires, but its getting very dry


  2. Your “log home” is absolutely gorgeous! And the sky pictures are amazing as usual! I sure hope you get things worked out to see the surgeon of your choice. Issues like that can be a little nerve wrecking and stressful. I can certainly relate to the hot temps…6:30 to 7:30 am and 7:30 to 8:30 pm have become the routine for us to play with the pups outside. Kudos to The Cowboy for fixing the MH floor. Any
    plans to head south for the winter? Gay


  3. It’s so hot here in central Calif plus we have
    many fires burning. Just thinking of the people
    living in those areas is heart breaking.
    Praying and trusting these stressful times will
    soon pass.
    The rattlesnakes are one problem we don’t have,
    maybe many years ago. Step carefully.
    Your beautiful area makes up for a lot of problems!
    My hubby had knee surgery several years back
    with a very seasoned doctor and it does make
    the big difference. Not one problem.
    Stick to your opinions on your choice!


    1. Yep. Central California is hot. It’s also stinky. Smoke covering the skies. We don’t have a fire right here but breezes are moving the smoke over the entire county.


  4. I’m Canadian. I don’t get your statement “ One would think we lived in Canada as much difficulty as I’m having.”.
    Anyone who needs to see a specialist gets to here without any problem and certainly without having to audition for an appointment. There are so many false stories around about how bad Canadian health care is. Fake news.
    Anyone who needs emergency treatment will be taken care of at a hospital regardless of “prior conditions”, a non-existent term in our system, or whether or not they are in the Heath care system.
    I’m 74 yrs old. My partner is 86. He needed knee surgery 3 years ago. Got it seen in good time, good surgery, good result.
    Been following your blog for 3-4 years. Love it.


    1. My statement was not meant to offend, it was meant to be funny. We have good Canadian friends in Alberta, British Columbia and in Ontario. They have had the same experience as you–if you need a specialist, you see a specialist but sometimes they waited. I am waiting. Our ER system is the same as yours–we are seen regardless. Thanks for following along with us.


  5. It is crazy hot. Once it gets over 95 it doesn’t matter how high it goes, it’s just plan hot. We haven’t gone over 109 at the house but it doesn’t cool down at night as much as we’d like. A few mornings it was 88 at 5:30. This morning it was 84…wahoo! We are keeping up our mornign walks though. The up side to warm nights is the pool temp stays up. Our water has been staying between 84 and 87…perfect. Sure hope the heat breaks for you real soon. You may have to hang with Michael in the MH!

    I thought your “picking up your carry permit” statement was interesting but then John reminded me you are from Arkansas and you had to kill your dinner on your way home from work…Haha!! He is so bad!!


    1. I frequent a busy salon and the same person has been cutting my hair for 14 years. If I don’t make my next appointment before I leave the salon I won’t get in the next month. When Becky reopened after the Covid shutdown she had over 100 appointments to reschedule.


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