A Social Weekend

The Cowboy stumbled upon this post in Google News–Why We’re Quitting RV Life After Five Years.  Some of the points the author made have certainly hit home this summer in Montana. The USFS campgrounds are packed as are any boondocking spots you might find. Our kids went “up the Boulder” last weekend and were amazed to find the area totally packed with people and campers. It’s the new normal right now.

Friends we’ve met through blogging and RVing-Jerry and Wanda were in Yellowstone National Park and cut their visit short–way too many people. It’s usually crowded in the Park almost all the time–but not like this.

We’ve had some really hot days this past week but it’s cooler now–a welcome relief since the addition of air conditioning to our home didn’t materialize! 😩

We’ve been busy, a couple unexpected trips to Billings, yard work, selling stuff.  All the Cowboy’s hard work repainting that stock trailer paid off–it went down the driveway Saturday afternoon. I’ve been knitting and today I’m going back to the mask making factory. Granddaughter Katie (one of our family’s teachers) is going back to work on Thursday. Her school is requiring masks and face shields. The greats are heading to Catholic preschool and masks are not required–yet.

Our granddaughter Laci and great granddaughter Lora made it back to Germany just in time to celebrate Lora’s sixth birthday–again–we had a party in Montana before they left. Laci and John decided to live off base in Germany and have been blessed to rent from a couple who also live right next door to them. This couple and their daughter adore Lora and the rest of the family so much they’ve almost adopted them! They organized a fabulous treasure hunt for Lora’s birthday–

It’s been a social weekend! Friday evening we enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Geoff and Nancy’s with friends–outside on their beautiful patio overlooking the river. And Sunday evening we enjoyed another gathering of friends at Shirley’s on her screened porch with the sound of the river in the background. Life is indeed good–Covid or no Covid!

9 thoughts on “A Social Weekend

  1. Like you, we have seen the ups and downs of this RVing life during the past 8 years. Joe and I don’t particularly like the free/no-hookup boondocking spots. I’ll take as many of the creature comforts as I can have which definitely means running water and a potty with a sewer. The pandemic, along with cheaper gas/diesel prices is certainly a draw to lots of folks who need a get away. It’s nice to have our spot here at Dee’s. Not so sure what it will be like in Tucson at the KOA…😬 🤞. It’s nice to visit with friends…talking,laughing, and of course yummy dinners make for a grand time! I was glad to read Laci and Lori made it back to Germany. And what a cool…ummmm frozen 😂…cake for Lori to celebrate her 6th birthday. There is a yarn shop here in Moab that I have my sights on going to. I really want to learn to knit! You are an inspiration! Gay


    1. I don’t mind boondocking but hookups are certainly nice if there is enough space around us. OHHHH–a yarn shop in Moab–I am in love with yarn and knitting! Thanks for commenting Gay!


  2. Come January, our 20th year of full-timing would be. But nothing about those 20 years have been like most other RVers years, and at this time our RV is “quarantined” in Maine while we are in Mexico. Not sure what our summers will be like now as this virus sure has changed our perspective…. and our prospects! I’d love to go to that yarn shop in Moab…. heck, for some reason, today I was wanting to go back to WVA and cross the New River Bridge…. but I have a feeling that traveling will be very different (well, I guess it already is), and we all will have to rethink our options. And here I was, ready to enter my 80’s in peace and with a quiet satisfaction. Yeah, right!


  3. Reading about how crowded campgrounds and trails are this summer makes me happy that we have a place to ride out the pandemic (even thought it’s crazy hot in Florida). We want to resume our travels but have no idea when. It’s all so surreal! How wonderful that you’re able to spend so much sweet time with family and friends. 🙂


  4. Yes, this is the year of the RV but then, there is no other safe way to travel or vacation. Lora’s cake was beautiful!! How nice, and clever, of the neighbors to have a treasure hunt for her. Boy, you are getting out there with your social life. We haven’t visited or talked with anyone since March. Our son won’t even come visit because of all the germs he is exposed to daily with his job. We’ve only done one outside dining experience at the Hell’s Background Grill. Thank goodness I enjoy cooking or would be in trouble.


    1. Both social gatherings were with the same people–just different locations.😁 Everyone there we knew and know their habits. The one couple who visit their and our friends every summer are from California. They drove and packed their own food so they did not have to eat out. And we sat outside at both locations–a little safer. I too enjoy cooking but I’m just way too weary of it.

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