Dog Days Of Summer

On Monday evening we had wind and showers–no accumulation–but our temperatures dropped. Tuesday was a cooler day but it’s not to last–it’s the dreaded dog days of summer I guess. Our attempt at ordering mini split air conditioning/heating units from Amazon was a total failure. We ordered the same exact units from another company for our Arizona house and the transaction was seamless. This company was a total dud!!

I am so glad I taught myself to knit–it gives me such pleasure. Here’s a photo of my latest completion–a Booga Bag. Don’t ask me why it’s called a Booga Bag–I have no idea! This one wasn’t just a straight knit and purl operation–it involved techniques which led to lots of YouTube video watching.

The Cowboy has been working on our little motorhome again trying to stop the squeaking and rattling. I admit that this time I was a bit worried about his ability to make all the pieces fit again! I’ve been resting my knee, doing very little except keeping us fed and our clothes clean. The rest of the time I’ve been icing the knee and knitting. The Cowboy isn’t motoring very well either at this point in time so Emmi walks have been shortened.

The Patchwork Times Judy shared this recipe not long ago for chile relleno casserole and the Cowboy was thrilled! You see, he thinks the only thing served in Mexican restaurants is chile rellenoes–it’s the only thing he ever orders!😁 This casserole was seriously good! Perhaps a bit too cheesy but really good!

My day lilies are finally blooming–

So, nothing much is going on, still isolating, still cooking, still knitting.

12 thoughts on “Dog Days Of Summer

  1. Minus the knee issues, sounds pretty darn good to me! Your Booga Bag is gorgeous…love the colors! I am always amazed at your talents and obvious patience to tackle these projects. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I will definitely give it a try when it cools off some & I can cook in the MH. It seems so strange that your beautiful day lilies are just now blooming. Most blooms here are long gone! Gay


    1. My husband would not say I’m patient!😁But I’ve always been crafty–sewing before I was 20 years old. Our flowers are always at least a month behind the ones in town–we are almost 2000 feet higher in elevation. I guess when you live at 5200 feet all things are slow to grow!


  2. Love the bag, it turned out great! Glad you are staying off your leg! Busy week babysitting here, I haven’t sat still one second! But the hugs are worth it!


  3. Nice bag! Is it felted? I started knitting nearly 60 years ago and there are times I think it kept me sane (or as sane as I am). I love the yarns that are available these days. So good that you are enjoying this ancient skill.


  4. The bag is gorgeous. We had wind last night that was downright scary. No storm. But predicting storms for us this afternoon. Hope the knee improves quickly.


  5. The Booga Bag is so adorable. I love the colors and fuzzy yarn you chose. It so professional. Great job. The summer heat does allow for new inside projects which is a nice change…for a while! But enough of the heat now. Sorry to hear you and Michael both have knee issues. Emmi is going to have to get a cart to pull you two around! Haha! Take care.


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