Least Favorite Month

The dog days of summer–ugh! August just might be my least favorite month. It’s so hot and dry in Montana–our days are in the 90’s. Too hot to do anything except hibernate inside a house with the air conditioner running–if we had an air conditioner! Seems our mini split units ordered from Amazon are lost in transit. By 5pm our house temperature is 80 degrees–time to head to the basement! Too hot to go for ATV rides, yep, my least favorite month.

Thursday the Cowboy joined Sarge and Royal for a trip up into the mountains around White Sulphur Springs, Montana checking out the trails in preparation for their yearly gathering. He was gone from early morning to evening–rare for my introverted Cowboy.

Friday I made a run to Livingston for odds and ends and was pleased to see everyone was wearing a mask. The town was crowded as it usually is in summer but everyone was respectful of space and wearing a mask.

Speaking of masks, I’ve been sewing again whipping up a few masks to send home with the Germany living granddaughter. Their time is coming to an end in Germany and I had planned to visit them this fall–guess that’s not happening. Plus my sewing machines are in the basement–cooler!

The Cowboy has been working outside–mostly in the shade–on his stock trailer project and finished it before lunch on Sunday.

Sunday evening we celebrated the great granddaughter Lora’s birthday a few days early–she and her Mom are flying back to Germany on Wednesday🥺. Dinner at Lonn’s–we had hamburgers on the grill and of course cake and ice cream provided my Mimi–me.

This cake is made using a recipe from the files of my friend Jeane who with her husband Steve owned and operated the Boulder River Guest Ranch for years and years. This cake was served to people having birthdays while staying at the ranch. It’s a three layer cake with whipped cream between the layers and a decadent chocolate frosting. The remainder of the cake remained at Lonn’s house!!

We’ve enjoyed having Laci and Lora here and wish their time had not been cut short by airline issues and Covid. They all went camping up the Boulder the last couple of nights–a good time was had!


16 thoughts on “Least Favorite Month

    1. Sorry, the Im is from me. I started making masks too. We all needed a change. I think I might as well make a bunch…this is going to be awhile I’m afraid.


  1. It’s nice that Laci and Lora were even able to get back for a visit. Sorry you will miss your visit to see them and Germany. Beautiful cake for Lora!! I’m sure it tasted as good as it looked.

    August has always been a tough month. Back east you are so tired of the summer heat and humidity by now and just want it to be over. It also use to mean time to prep for back to school. So August was never close to my heart. While we got rid of the humidity and the jobs, we still have the heat and it is getting old. This 10 day break was a nice.

    Try to stay cool!!


  2. A couple of your grandkids look like you! I was a deputy sheriff for 23 years. We worked with a lot of nurses. Before that I was a Army Medic. Did not serve in in Vietnam( 2 months after I served the war ended)
    We are getting some warm days 105, 97 ,95! I think we are going down to Green Valley, about middle of October. Hope to meet you and the Cowboy next year! Take care, Rawn Stone


  3. Totally agree about August! My least favorite month as well…counting down the long hot days. So happy you have enjoyed some time with family…all the way from Germany!


  4. It’s hot here in Florida, too…in the 80s, but the humidity is 70-80 percent. Ugh. I hope your air conditioner somehow finds its way to you. I think we would croak without A/C here. And….your cake looks so good! Now I want cake, lol.


    1. Oh Laurel, I can’t imagine spending a summer in Florida–the new normal-right! Our air conditioners aren’t coming and as it is so close to the end of the hot season we will wait until next year. The company really dropped the ball. That cake is amazing–we left the cake remains with the youngsters–we don’t need those calories!

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