A Trip With The Grandchildren

Monday morning the wheels were rolling on the little motorhome towing the yellow jeep-jeep (as Millie refers to it) meeting up with our granddaughters Katie and Laci plus their kiddos. We were heading to Woodbine, a USFS campground in the Stillwater River valley about 2 hours from home. Katie and her husband have recently purchased a small towable RV and while Michael doesn’t have much free time in the summer due to work, Katie, Brooks and Millie have been camping a lot. With Laci and Lora visiting from Germany, they are camping even more. Katie is becoming an expert backer of the camper getting it into her campsites without help. We made a last minute reservation so our campsites weren’t close together. Ours bordered one of the little creeks and the kids spent time playing on “our beach.”

Millie Bliss’s expression does NOT fit the saying on her shirt!๐Ÿ˜ It was dang hot Monday afternoon! Note the extended jack on the Winnebago–very, very un-level site! Woodbine is a beautiful campground with well spaced sites set at the base of the towering mountains of the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness. Most of the sites are short in length but there were a few that would fit longer RVs.

Monday evening the kids made a delicious dinner–it was wonderful having someone else do the cooking! Tuesday morning we decided to hike to Woodbine Falls–a short, easy three quarter mile hike. My knee is still giving me grief and I wasn’t going to go but changed my mind at the last minute and went–I was fine. The kiddos were troopers and led the way. People on the trail were respectful of our space and some even wore masks.

A small waterfall before the big one.Oreo, a maltese/yorkie cross is hoping someone drops something, he is only about 16 weeks old and adorable! Brooks is four, Lora will be six soon and Millie Bliss is 2, almost three–she tries so hard to keep up with Brooks and Lora and do everything they do which results in train wrecks at times!!

This is the view of the waterfall from the hike. These next photos are a view of the waterfall from the road into the campground–

Much more impressive from the road! No hike needed! The hike was fun but we had some kiddos who were ready to be done by the time we were all back at the campground–

I provided supper Tuesday night and just about the time I put food on the grill, it began to rain. We all crowded into our motorhome and sat around our curved dinette booth–it worked. The rain continued well into the night–such a pleasant sound, rain on a RV roof!

Because it was still raining Wednesday morning, we all packed up and headed for home–a great time spent with family. Unpacking the motorhome was easy–just the food and clothing. We’ve both been couch potatoes this afternoon. Hot and dry in Montana, a fire has started “up the Boulder” about eight miles out of Big Timber.



8 thoughts on “A Trip With The Grandchildren

  1. Pictures are excellent. You are making many fine memories with those children & grandchildren. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.


  2. Such good times. That Millie is so cute. Well they all are, but she is trying to look so tough.

    Hadn’t heard about your fire. We’re getting a wee bit of the smoke from the fire over by Dixon. Might just be a rough August.


    1. It just might be a rough August. Lightening caused three fires near us yesterday afternoon–two of the fires are out, and don’t know about the other one. Not as smokey this morning so maybe it is out too.


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