Tomatoes, Masks, New Dishes and Family

At our former house just down the driveway from this one we had a larger yard to mow and a ton of weed whacking to do. When we built this house I requested a small yard, a very small yard. At first that’s what we had then somehow this property morphed into a large area to mow and a ton of weed whacking. The Cowboy does most of the mowing and I do the weed whacking–I’m starting to think tall grass and weeds will just have to look OK in some spots!

We have some great news, at least to us–the last truck camper went down the driveway Friday! A couple drove all the way to our place from Tacoma, Washington and loved the RV thanking us profusely for being so honest and forthcoming! That’s a built in Montana S&S Truck camper and it’s heavy–we were so glad to see the guy come up the driveway in a one ton Dodge dually pickup!

Long ago we bought a set of dishes from our local potter and friend, John Worth. Over the years plates began to develop cracks and I was down to only six dinner plates. Before we left in the fall of 2019 I drove over to John’s place and we settled on an order of plates and some gift items I wanted. With all this Covid business we had not traveled to John’s to retrieve the order. Saturday evening we were invited to Lonn’s for dinner and John doesn’t live far from Lonn. This is how pottery is delivered during times of Covid and when the potter’s wife works in a high risk occupation–

The boxes were sitting by the gate and we left money. Only in Montana.The plates are lighter in color than my older dishes but they blend well and we are pleased.

Friday we made a trip into town for the farmer’s market. We went for one thing only and that was our friend Jon’s tomatoes–he has a greenhouse and his tomatoes are almost as good as an Arkansas tomato!

Our granddaughter Katie is a school teacher and along with every other teacher in the nation is concerned about going back to school. Her babies, ages 4 and almost three will be going to a private preschool for the first time this fall and that also concerns Katie and her husband. No decision has been made on the status of schools in Montana but we decided to be prepared and I’m making masks. Those masks I made for adults were a heck of a lot easier than making ones for toddlers and our almost six year old string bean great granddaughter. Laci and Lora are here visiting from Germany (Dad John is in the USAF) and decisions haven’t been made there about the opening of schools there. Go away Covid, I am sick of you!!

We’ve had a few really hot days lately and the bugs are out in full force–ugh! It’s also getting very dry and we have had wind most days–not good for the forest fire outlook!

Playing together well–most of the time!

And intense game of cribbage. The Cowboy and granddaughter Katie won.

Brooks post eating Mimi’s ice cream and just before Mimi washed his face.

Brooks and Millie–don’t know where Lora had disappeared to.

Scenery on the way to the potter’s.

We had such a good time at Lonn’s Saturday evening. Michael (Katie’s husband) grilled steaks–delicious! We had smashed baked potatoes, a salad and ice cream provided by me. We had children’s ice cream and adult ice cream. The adult stuff had 3 tablespoons of espresso powder so we didn’t think it was a good thing to feed three active kiddos right before bedtime!🥰

Life is good!





16 thoughts on “Tomatoes, Masks, New Dishes and Family

  1. Oh such a sweet family, and lovely photos. Yum. We have a greenhouse grower of tomatoes here as well, and that is the main reason I also go to the market. However, she has to stop growing pretty early in the season because of the heat and the outdoor tomatoes aren’t ready yet. I am so spoiled. When fall comes and I am relegated to store tomatoes I can hardly bear it. Geez, Janna, I think I need to look up that recipe for the pointy nose mask. Sigh. I made a few pleated ones for Mo and I with some old vacuum cleaner hepa cloth inside, but those look pretty comfy. Now that it seems that mask wearing will continue for some time. At least I do hope so. Our yard was supposed to be small too, but I keep finding places to plant things. I still have a 15 minute lawn and not much to weed whack at least. Here we are now in fire restrictions and can’t cut dry grasses except in early morning. Hot here today….first three digit day but no humidity like your home country down south thank goodness. Take care.


  2. Love your dishes, and your masks (the sewing is beautiful!). So glad you got to spend time with friends too.



    1. Thanks a bunch Nina–the dishes are heavy and the Cowboy wanted me to find something else as he thinks they are hard on the dishwasher. Everything else I liked was just as heavy so I stuck with these! Our friends Geri and Larry are super careful too!


  3. Oh, what an interesting “play board” you have on the island in the “Playing well together” picture!!! Please show us and tell us about it! I have a son moving from Idaho to near me and their new house has an island that might benefit from a board like yours. Thank you for the all beautiful photos.


  4. Your dishes are lovely…. I like the color.
    Also those tomatoes are beautiful. We are never
    able to grow great larger ones but make up for
    it on the different varieties of cherry tomatoes .
    Always enjoy everything you share including
    recipes ⭐️⭐️⭐️


  5. The dishes are beautiful! Love the pots behind, as well. You are making great masks. Our daughter is a teacher and she is preparing with the purchase of extra masks and face shields. She has a friend that makes the mask that shows your mouth. Jessica ordered a few of those. Might be nice for her students to see her smile. I would love fresh tomatoes! What a treat to have the overseas grands home. Fun evening.


  6. I’m grateful to be a retired Teacher. There’s enough germs during the year to contend with during the year without C-19 being on that list.


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