Montana Numbers Rising

Montana Covid-19 cases are on the rise–when we came home in early April the state might see two or three new cases per day. Today our numbers rose by 144 cases. This afternoon our governor issued a mandate requiring masks be worn in businesses, government offices, and other indoor spaces open to the public in counties with four or more active cases of Covid-19. The directive also requires face coverings at organized outdoor activities of 50 or more people, where social distancing cannot be maintained.

Do we agree–yes we do and we also think it should have happened a long time ago. In our opinion, Covid-19 is not a political issue, it’s a virus. It’s a virus which gives many people flu like symptoms from which they recover quickly. It kills other people with no rhyme or reason. It’s this part which bothers us–the no rhyme or reason killing part. For that reason we wear a mask and we stay home for the most part. My Cowboy is shy and introverted but wearing a mask is no big deal to him. And it’s certainly no big deal for this ole retired operating room nurse.

We’ve been busy–Tuesday the washer and dryer ran all day. The grass needed mowing after our being gone almost a week. The Cowboy started cutting hay and as of this afternoon it is all cut, raked and baled–hallelujah! I sprayed weeds this morning, made lunch, worked in the flower bed–the list goes on and on this time of year.

More photos from our trip to the Bighorn Mountains–

Although there were no signs explaining these stacked rock towers which were over eight feet tall, the Cowboy said it was common for sheep herders to create these projects. This was a spring bubbling up out of the ground–lots of water!Not sure what these sheep were finding to eat on this snow drift??

Life is good.

23 thoughts on “Montana Numbers Rising

  1. Agree with you 100% on the covid. Those rock towers are awesome. We saw lots of Caribou on snow fields in Denali two years ago. The guide said they hang out there to escape flies. Maybe sheep do, also.


  2. I just finished talking with my Son…until recently a Missoula guy…he now lives a little farther West. He’s glad that they’ve put the mask order in place. He does have a problem with the huge amount of tourists that have flooded in. He has a 2 1/2 hour commute and I guess the roads are REALLY jammed. Such beautiful country you live in, you’re very lucky!


      1. Yes, that’s what he’s telling me. The sad part is, he will notice out of state cars pull in and they all get out and go inside…without masks.


  3. We too isolate as much as possible though tourists from big cities just jam the roads and beaches in effort to escape high heat elsewhere. It’s always a jolt to see how many people are willing to risk their lives and those of others’ just to make a point on NOT wearing a mask. It’s incomprehensible.


    1. One big reason the virus rates have gone up is the states now are doing a lot more testing which no one seems to mention. There was very little testing before.
      Of course the sheep are eating snow cones on the snow. :O)


      1. The virus is still there, people still have it even if more testing is being done–I haven’t been able to wrap my head around that reasoning. We thought the sheep might be eating the pink algae which forms on the high mountain snow pack–but your explanation sounds more fun!


  4. Humans Are Like Sheep
    Strive to become an anomaly. Be a leader. Be independent. Don’t be part of the herd. Lead the herd. Wear A Mask !


  5. Read this morning the unsettling news that the COVID info from the states goes to that big house in DC to get manipulated before the info is sent to the CDC. So, I guess in a small part COVID is being “political” when it shouldn’t be. I wear my mask to protect everyone, especially my as I’m back in treatment for cancer.


  6. The sheep herders would stand on these rock piles in bad weather to see the next one to know which direction to go. You find them all over Easter Montana.


  7. Those blocks look like an early try at Jenga, the wood block game?
    I just purchased my Montana Parks pass last week..Looks as if I may stay closer to home…Dang!


    1. The rocks do look like that, don’t they! I think we may all stay closer to home this year but judging by the out of state cars we are seeing, not all are staying home!


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