It’s Summer Time

Our temps have increased a bit into the low 80’s but we really can’t complain–no humidity. The afternoon thunder showers are making the haying operation difficult as usual–it happens every single year.

Thursday morning we finished the Cowboy’s portion of the backyard flower bed remodel–we leveled the flagstones. What a chore–those dang rocks are heavy! It looks so nice and now for my portion–getting all those plants I purchased into the ground, run watering lines to each plant, lay fabric and then mulch. I’m tired just typing this much less doing it!😆

Friday evening we had a small dinner party, just seven people total and we were able to sit outside on the new patio. Before people arrived I had to remove all the place settings and pick up the foam padded chairs due to a quick rain shower. Everyone agreed it was so good to get out, see and visit with people. The food was outstanding–everyone contributed something and we provided a brisket I had cooked. And I made a new to me sangria recipe–it was sooooo good! I’m a big Modern Mrs. Darcy fan and every Friday she does a post–this one contains a link to several summer time drinks, one of which is the sangria–Links I Love.  

Saturday I planted all the plants we purchased and Sunday I ran drip lines to them from the existing larger water line. The Cowboy continued with the hay making operation and all the hay is now cut and baled. You see, we were on a mission! Larry and Geri called a few days ago and wanted to meet us in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. Cell service is non existent up there so blogs may be sporadic.

Our neighbor’s sainfoin hay field–it’s pink, really pink!  And the elk love it!

Hope everyone had a great July 4 and that you are all staying safe.





9 thoughts on “It’s Summer Time

  1. happy. Anazing how every afternoon the thunderstorms roll through here at the lake. The rain has mostly missed us but the sky is carrying on all around us. We are still isolating from people. So we will be glad to see the weekend crowds gone. Jim can hardly wait to isolate on the lake.


  2. May I suggest not to use fabric? Weeds will grow on top of it and it doesn’t do a bit of good. Plus your soil needs the break down of the bark.


  3. Your plantings look great…..the plant arrangements look spot on!
    I know that was quite a job.
    Enjoy your RV trip, sounds like a nice break.


  4. Wow, those plants and flat rocks look marvelous! Good job! I have been gardening since I was 12, and, even though I’ve showed down a bit (bad back) I still love to watch my plants grow. And then there is my wife, owed, does she love plants! You two take care, Rawn


  5. Love the new patio!! Michael’s horseshoe ball fits in perfectly with your new foliage. Love, love the purple columine. That pink hay is awesome. I’d love to see it in person. Have a fun trip!


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