Long, Long Day

There is so much yard work to be done this time of year. The grass grows an inch a day I’m thinking, the weeds grow even faster and then there’s the hay that is almost ready for cutting. We are exploring ideas for eliminating the hay cutting operation in summer but it would involve quite a bit of fence building–never a favorite activity.

Our backyard patio/flower bed project is not finished. Thursday I am going to try and find new plants for filling in the bald spots then comes the work of putting down landscape fabric then mulch. I’m still on the fence about the landscape fabric–I’ve always used it here but oh my is it a tough job to lay when the plants are in place. But I also hate to weed so landscape fabric may be the answer.

Beautiful summer days in Monday–warm, sunny, no bugs although I did acquire a mosquito bite at some time during my yard work.

I completed another knitting project–don’t look too closely–this one has a glaring error that I didn’t see until I had it completely off the needles. As it’s a dishcloth for me, I’m not too worried about the oops.

Wednesday morning leaving the Cowboy and Emmi at home I was on the road by 7am headed to Billings. I had a full, full day of appointments–dental office for a cleaning, mammogram, another dental office to finish up the two root canals started in late May and a haircut. It made for a long, long day but we are finished with doctor and dental appointments for a while–we hope!! I found time for a Costco stop and lunch on the patio at Jake’s. After leaving the hairdresser’s I stopped at Walmart for our grocery pickup. It was almost 7pm when I drove up the driveway–I’m one pooped lady but it’s done!


12 thoughts on “Long, Long Day

  1. My friend use leftover roofing shingles instead of landscape fabric. It’s cheap it stays put and nothing grows through it. Nice knitting


  2. WOW! I got tired just hearing what you accomplished!
    I’m 67 yo, and I think I’d need 3 days to accomplish what you did in one day!
    How’s the Cowboy doing? Hope all his kidneys problems is over. Well, take care, Rawn


      1. Well that’s good news about your Cowboy!
        Sometimes I’m very good at doing nothing! But once I focus on the project, specifically gardening, I actually like pulling weeds, and watching my plants grow.


  3. Your knitting projects are coming along really nice. I taught myself to knit (57 years ago) and until I took a community college class 1 1/2 years later, I didn’t know that all my purl stitches had a twist. (I guess I knew it, just didn’t know it was wrong). I wish I still had some of my kids baby sweaters from back then… they’d bring back lots of memories. Keep up the good work, you’re doing great!


    1. Thanks Sharon! I’ve been wanting to learn to knit for several years–a fellow blogger is a fabulous knitter and I envied her the creations she made. I also saw baby clothes my aunt had knitted for her children–I wish I had those baby clothes but that’s another story.


  4. I like the “doorknob” twist on the knitted dishcloth, and that little sort of square on the edging. Makes it unique. You have certainly been busy! The flower pictures are beautiful. Thank you.


  5. Love your delicate blooms – so pretty! It always feels so good to get lots of errands out of the way, even though I’m wiped out at the end of the day. Did you lay your gravel at the AZ house on the dirt or put down some kind of barrier? We need to eventually lay some down out front, but we’re getting weeds where we put it for the RV parking spaces.


    1. We laid the gravel on dirt and as the years have gone by with mine and Milton’s spraying the weeds become less and less. The first caretaker we had did NO spraying and did not mow but one time all summer (we think) and she mowed all those weed seeds into our gravel–it was full of weeds that year and needless to say we now have Milton.


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