It’s Good To Be Home

Since publishing the last blog on Sunday night, Mom and I were busy. Eating with family, going to the doctor in Little Rock and packing my bags. Tuesday morning not so bright but it was early Ann took me to the airport where the planes were still crowded but also at least American Airlines was enforcing the “wear a mask” rule. My travel was uneventful and our arrival into Billings was even 15 minutes early.

Mom had another doctors appointment on Tuesday and the neurologist was encouraging saying Mom could improve and get back to her more healthy self. They are blaming the falls and spasms of her legs and arms on a cardiac medication she began taking this spring. That medication, amiodarone has been stopped and she is improving.

The Cowboy and little Emmi were very glad to see me as I was them. We tried to eat on the patio at Rib and Chop as we had Emmi with us but were met with the excuse, “our patio is dirty and we just don’t have enough people.” Hmmmmm. Short stops at Costco for fruit and veggies plus a Walmart pickup order and we were on the road toward home.

It’s spring time in Montana and we are living in a green jungle. The chokecherry trees are blooming scenting the air with their fragrance. The columbine blossoms opened while I was gone. The birds are hungry and the rattlesnakes are out–we haven’t seen one but our neighbors Joe and Tammy have.

On Sunday the Cowboy joined the Montana ATV gang and traveled to the Pryor Mountains National Wild Horse Range. We started going with this group to the range in 2017 and have gone every year. Here is a link to a blog post I wrote about that first trip.  This first photo was taken on Sunday–

These remaining three photos were taken on our first trip to the range in 2017. While we were eating our lunch that day, these two big horn sheep climbed up onto this knoll and stood there watching us for the longest time! What a treat!

I heard a squeal and whipped around with the camera at eye level managing to get a shot of these two trying to prove who was the meanest–I wish it was more clear but I still like it.

It was shorts, t-shirts and air conditioning weather in Arkansas. It has rained most of today and our high was 48 degrees.

4 thoughts on “It’s Good To Be Home

  1. Glad you’re home safe and sound, I know you were missed! Great news about your mom too. We’d love to have some of those cooler temps these days as we head into another hot week.


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