That Was Interesting

Saying that travel has changed is an understatement! On Tuesday I flew American Airlines from Billings, Montana to Dallas, Texas and on to Little Rock, Arkansas. American’s policy is every passenger must wear a mask–everyone did while boarding but then all bets were off and off came the masks. Some airlines are practicing social distancing when selling tickets, not American.

Tuesday morning when I checked the seating chart none of the “extra legroom for purchase” seats were sold. My thought was by purchasing one of those seats for $33 I would more socially distance myself. Good theory, waste of money. Once everyone was on board the flight attendants allowed people in the more crowded rear of the aircraft to come forward into the “for purchase” seats without paying the $33 charge.😲

My new seatmate wasn’t wearing a mask😔. And for a 2 hours and 45 minute flight–no service. No water, no nothing–so they said in the interest of social distancing. Now let me get this straight–you seat someone within six inches of my face and yet you can’t come down the aisle and offer me a bottle of water????  I heard one of the flight attendants tell someone not to worry about keeping their mask on???Interesting is an understatement.

My sister retrieved me from the airport and Mom was waiting up for me–brought back memories. 😏Wednesday was a busy day–we picked up groceries at Walmart, stopped at the bank and went to the other grocery store in town. It’s very humid today, thunder and a bit of rain but mostly humid. Thursday will be another busy day. Mom is doing better, navigating on her own much better. Blue, my brother’s dog is my only photo of the day and it’s blurry–he didn’t want his photo taken! That’s not really true, I did take other photos but they were of items we are selling–a truck, a mobility scooter–nothing you would want to see I bet.

Life is good.


18 thoughts on “That Was Interesting

  1. Well, reading about your flight experience doesn’t make me want to jump on a plane anytime soon. Glad I don’t have to and glad you were able to get to your mother. Cute dog, even if he is blurry.


  2. Your experience is so disappointing. One would think the airlines would be even more cautious now… but I guess not. Flights are still limited/cancelled out of Puerto Vallarta but I’m told the airport is practically empty… but then, what happens when you get your connecting flight? Anyway, guess we won’t plan to deal with this yet. Glad you made it okay and that family was waiting. This must be a difficult visit, – sending an extra prayer your way.


  3. The next time you fly back do not be any of the people in line be the very very very last person (literally ) to walk on that airplane now seeing you were the last person an you see the perfect seat that you want just be kind and ask the stewardess if you could take that seat seeingAs nobody else is getting on the plane behind She might just be nice and say sure I’ve never had an issue they’ll say sure go ahead if you want more room try to grab the exit seat it usually gives you plenty a room I’ve done it on American and I’ve done it on Delta never had an issue good luck


  4. I flew last week and my experience was so different from yours!! I was on Southwest. The day prior to departure they sent an email to remind me that masks are required. Some people boarded without masks but the flight attendants provided masks and hand wipes to all of us. I was very impressed. People who were travelling together sat together but the rest of us pretty much took every other row. There were only 45 people on the flight so it was easy to spread out. HOWEVER as soon as we landed, the old behaviors returned…..everyone jumped out of their seat and bunched up in the aisle waiting to disembark! I was one of them! Then I noticed 5 or 6 people still seated, I realized what I had done and chuckled.
    Hope you have a better experience on the way home ! But in the meantime, have a good visit.


  5. Glad you arrived safely. Too bad they allowed people to move once seated and crowd your space. I’m sure it was very special to finally get to see your mother.


  6. That is interesting about the flight — I am flying from Raleigh Durham to Spokane on the 10th—Hope I get there in one piece and with mask for sure
    Glad your mom is doing better — and the cowboy too — I ts funny how things change as we gett older but the good memories keep coming back —


  7. Before I read your post I hoped never to fly anywhere and now I hope and pray I never have to fly. Give your Mom lots of hugs. And have a safe journey home.


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