Spring Is Here

Thursday in Billings was my turn–a root canal which turned into two root canals–oh joy! The good news–I liked the endodontist much better than the one I spent time with last summer. It’s another on going project which will have to be completed once I return from an upcoming trip. After the dentist, we made a quick stop to pick up our Walmart grocery order and headed home–up the Boulder.

This photo was taken over Memorial Day weekend when we had rain, the mountains had snow.

Spring has sprung up the Boulder–finally! Our log home sits on the bank of a creek in an aspen grove. Aspen trees a vivid lime green, the creek burbling along and our little birds chirping their hearts out–it’s spring. Our birds are eating us out of house and home–I love our little birds and the new guys we’ve acquired this season–the Bullock’s orioles. It’s a colorful frenzy at the feeders all day long. And then there are the robins–noisy birds especially when they start communicating with each other at 5am!! We also have several grouse hanging around in the yard–I do wish they would find another hang out spot–their poop is disgustingly big!!

The Cowboy is feeling much better and has been working on our backyard project which was delayed by weather and then by that nasty kidney stone. It isn’t totally finished–the flagstone needs leveling and we will need some more plants but we are pleased with the way it looks. I’ve been spraying weeds, keeping us fed and Saturday I bathed the Emmi girl and gave her a much needed haircut.

We usually fend for ourselves at breakfast time–cereal or an omelette (which he cooks) for the Cowboy, yogurt with fruit and granola for me. Some mornings I am ambitious and cook–Sunday morning I made blueberry pancakes which we paired with Costco thick cut peppered bacon which is not available at this time. We stocked up when rumors started flying about packing plants closing! We had a discussion yesterday about how awful this isolation might have been if a person didn’t like to cook. I told the Cowboy he was dang lucky I liked to cook.

The next blog will come to you from Arkansas–since Mom’s husband died in March she hasn’t been doing so well and needs someone to stay with her. I had plane tickets to fly to Arkansas in late March when all the Covid stuff blew up but you know what happened to those plans. I will be there for two weeks leaving the Cowboy to his own cooking–he could be in trouble. He and Emmi will hold down the fort. I have my sanitizing wipes and masks ready.

Life is good.

8 thoughts on “Spring Is Here

  1. Love the new backyard patio! Glad Michael is feeling well enough to be out working. Yes, it would be very hard for those don’t like to cook the last couple months. Our husbands are lucky we both enjoy cooking and are good at it. Have a safe flight. I’m sure your mother is looking forward to spending time with you.


  2. Have a good trip, Janna. So glad you can go. Maybe the airplane will be empty. Love seeing the aspens in that lime green spring thing, my favorite. And the birds. Looks just beautiful. Do you have mosquitoes there? We had them terribly in our beautifully treed forest home in Rocky Point, among the firs and aspens. Don’t miss those babies at all. Do love looking at your photos, though. Again, travel safe and hopefully you can bring some love and sweet memories to your mom


    1. Thanks Sue! We do have mosquitoes but most years not too bad–over on the main Boulder River where many ranchers irrigate the mosquitoes are awful. The seating chart for the airplane shows many empty seats–let’s hope that’s the case!


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