A Different Kind Of Billings Trip

When we came home from Arizona most doctors were not seeing patients. When restrictions began to lift I started trying to make appointments and of course could not get two or three of those appointments on the same day. So, we settled for three straight days of doctors appointment–makes one feel old doesn’t it!

Tuesday was stent removal day and the Cowboy feels much better. Wednesday was a routine yearly visit with my nurse practitioner for me and a visit to the dermatologist for the Cowboy–he now looks as if he has chicken pox.

We are staying at Shannen’s (the Cowboy’s daughter) place outside of Billings high on the hills overlooking the city. They have an RV electric hookup and we are comfy in our little motorhome. We didn’t even bring a tow vehicle, we’ve just taken the motorhome everywhere making our needy little pooch happy.

It’s branding season in Montana. Lonn and his gang help the neighbors and the neighbors help them. Our friend Jayme took this photo of Lonn at one of those brandings and I borrowed the photo from Facebook.

We tried to buy the Cowboy some new boots today without success. The only thing we found to buy was Dairy Queen ice cream–our reward for all these doctor’s appointments!


4 thoughts on “A Different Kind Of Billings Trip

  1. It’s great that you have a spot to stay in the RV so you don’t have to make multiple trip to Billings. Good to hear Michael is feeling better. The photo of Lonn reminds me of Drummond Ranch.


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