Rain And Snow On Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is an American holiday, observed on the last Monday of May, honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. … Originally known as Decoration Day, it originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971.  Many people visit cemeteries and memorials on Memorial Day and it is traditionally seen as the start of the summer season. (www.history.com)

I love this photo and I have used it on other Memorial Days.  It was taken by John Novotny, a Big Timber resident.  This is the Big Timber, MT cemetery and each Memorial Day a ceremony is held at the cemetery honoring all those who died while serving in the US military.

Rain and even snow is a typical weather pattern for Memorial Day weekend in Montana and this particular weekend we are about to need a boat! It’s too warm for the snow to accumulate but snow and rain fell all day on Saturday and through the night. We were in town on Friday and saw many RVs heading up the Boulder. The Cowboy and I both said, “did they read the weather forecast??”

The Cowboy has just not been feeling well at all so things have been low key around here. Some routine chores but a whole lot of sitting, reading, knitting and way too much eating! The Cowboy has been watching documentaries on the TV downstairs. He is not much of a reader–it takes a really good non-fiction book to hold his interest. I baked bread on Saturday using a recipe I obviously used a lot in the past but have no memory of baking lots of bread. The recipe came from my really old Betty Crocker Cookbook.

I’ve never had much luck with Pinterest recipes but I did make this lemon pound cake and it’s good–really good. See, I told you we are eating too much! I had no blueberries but the cake was still very yummy!

We met friends Sarge and Sarah in Big Timber on Friday for lunch deliberately choosing a later hour than noon hoping for less people–we were successful. We spent an enjoyable hour plus eating and catching up. It’s so good to be out and about a bit–with caution! I had to chuckle when we stopped at the local convenience store/gun store/liquor store. Where people used to hang dice, garters, etc. around their rear view mirrors–now there are masks.

Sarah also performed a mission of mercy for me. I’m addicted to knitting. I was never a quilt fabric hoarder. I would buy fabric for a particular project but didn’t have a large stash. Same with knitting–I was working on a project and realized that the cable between the two knitting needles would not be long enough to hold the project. I ordered longer cables and then realized–oh, no–it’s a rainy Memorial Day weekend and I have nothing to knit! I suddenly remembered the quilt shop in Livingston sold yarn and they had a website–I called, ordered and paid for yarn–Sarah stopped to pick up the package for me. I’m knitting a scarf using lots of different stitch patterns–good practice.

We are finally going to see the kiddos–so I spent time cooking on Sunday–a chocolate pie. I think I may have to just go back to baking cakes or buying pie crusts.🤣 I used beans to weight the pie crust and when I went to dump the beans into the trash can, the entire pie crust went with the beans. Back to the drawing board–I now have an extra pie crust in the refrigerator. Oh me!!

This little motorhome we have had a awful squeak right over the cab seats where the cab and RV box join. It was an unbearable squeak. I posted a question about the squeak on a Winnebago Aspect Facebook group and received several good suggestions. One involved taking the cabinets out. The Cowboy removed the TV and was able to access the area over the seats. He also removed the cloth panels behind the seats. Many, many missing and loose screws. Once he had tightened everything we took a drive up into the hay field–no squeak!! Once again, I’m sure glad I have a handy husband!

The sun came out this afternoon, we took a nice walk, the Cowboy is feeling better–life is good.


10 thoughts on “Rain And Snow On Memorial Day Weekend

  1. That is a perfect loaf of bread! I does look like you’ve had some practice. One suggestion – instead of throwing your beans out – save them in a jar for next time. I learned from Martha Stewart. She has used the same beans for years. Put parchment in your crust first. It will keep you from throwing your crust in the garbage. Although, I doubt you would ever do that again.


  2. I think I want to come to Montana and live with you…😃! I definitely have very little willpower when it comes to breads and pies (and ice cream). Gay


  3. My mom always told me I just didn’t make pies often enough.
    True…. too much stress involved. I buy the frozen Claim Jumper fruit
    pies. Brush a little 1/2 and 1/2 on top of pie crust, sprinkle some coarse
    sugar on then bake…. yum! Try one if they sell them in your area.
    Not a fan of other brands.


    1. I’m just stubborn enough to master this pie crust thing Linda! Second time around I placed a sheet of parchment paper and another smaller pie plate inside the first pie crust–that did the trick. I could lift the second pie plate out with the parchment paper and not tear the crust. When the eating of the pie begins no one cares how the crust looks!😁


  4. Glad the weather broke for you and that Michael is feeling better. Life sure is good. Lots of baking going on in your house. Luckily, I am not a sweets person so there is very rarely any baking going on here. John just has to suffer. But I (we) did enjoy the strawberry/rhubarb Julian pie tonight. A rare occasional treat.


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