Our weather isn’t be outside weather so we’ve been completing projects. The Cowboy made this for our friends–it’s to be a panel in their deck railing.

I finished another knitting project–can you believe it–another headband. I used lots of those lifelines but only ripped out the stitches on this one maybe twice so that must mean I’m getting better!

And I even stood at the longarm and finished quilting one of my own quilts. It felt so good to have it finished.

It’s a Buggy Barn pattern–I made one and my niece claimed it–actually I gifted it to her😍and made myself this one. Now I only have one other project waiting to be longarm quilted. I’ve never been this caught up! Quarantine is good for something! The quilt still needs some hand work–buttons, hand stitched noses, etc. and a binding.

Looked outside today and saw at least five goldfinches on our feeders–love those splashes of color!

This beautiful young woman, my great niece quietly graduated from high school Friday evening. Another finish. She is headed to nursing school and to play softball for the college team.

Charlotte is congratulating Elizabeth.

The rest of this week’s end has just been filled with mundane chores–feeding us–which I sometimes enjoy, other times not so much, laundry, etc. The Cowboy even sprayed a few weeds. The grass needs mowing but it’s been too wet for that activity. Hope all is well with our readers–are you staying at home or venturing out a bit?

16 thoughts on “Finishes

  1. We are staying home, mostly. Not going to the restaurants that are opening here in town just yet. Going to wait a bit and see how it goes. But we have had visits from daughter and grandson and next weekend will go visit other daughter and her husband and the grandkids in their new home in Brownsville, a tiny antique town in their new 112 year old house! Then!! we are going to venture to the east side high deserts for a boondock in the middle of wherever we can find to watch birds and sage grouse and antelope at Hart Mountain. Life IS good.!! and I am cooking. Did your artisan bread and am passing that one around.


  2. We are mostly staying home. Currently it’s the same routes, grocery store, Costco
    some and Home Depot. Miss church and Bible class and hair salon!
    Love your sweet quilt, is it for a wall hanging or bed? Yes, your both so very
    talented ⭐️⭐️⭐️


    1. I too miss church, seeing family and friends–it’s time to start venturing out a bit I am thinking. The quilt is just a small one–to throw on the couch in the spring or hang on the wall.


  3. Yesterday Jim and I ventured out with trepidation to get haircuts. Never thought I’d feel afraid to get my haircut. But it sure does feel good. Other than an occasional pick up groceries trip, we dont leave home. Jim has been working on our little trailer so we can head to Canyon Ferry next month. Love your quilt.


    1. It’s unnerving to be around people and I never thought I would say that. I’m ready to be out and about some–to see friends and family. Glad to hear you are heading to Montana this summer.


  4. Love the metal piece Michael cut for your friends fence. Such talent! Congratulations on your second headband. Great job! I remember your other bunny quilt. This one is so darn cute, as well. Your great niece is beautiful. Congratulations!!


  5. I’ have to say your home is filled with 2 very talented and industrious folks! Is there anything Michael can not do? And you,..I am quite impressed with your perseverance. The headband is awesome AND the bunny quilt is gorgeous. Congratulations to your great niece and thank her wanting to be a nurse. Gay


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