Firsts And Happy Mother’s Day

For the first time in almost two months the Cowboy and I dined in a restaurant. I also had my first not doing it myself pedicure in almost two months. The Thirsty Turtle in Big Timber is a large restaurant and it was easy for them to socially distance their tables. I watched them wipe down the laminated menus after every customer. The condiments are not out on the tables any longer–you have to ask for everything, even salt and pepper. The food was good and we saw people we know–something we’ve missed greatly.

I’ve been busy registering my complaints with the Billings hospital–I spoke with a patient advocate on Thursday voicing my concerns. A nurse friend from my Kimberly-Clark working days said it best, “isolating patients from their families is wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels and was a bad call in the plan.” While talking to the patient advocate I told him this and voiced other concerns. He promised to address those issues and return my call.

On Friday the surgeon’s office called to schedule the Cowboy’s pre-surgery appointment. The person explained that the clinic was limiting visitors and the Cowboy would have to come alone. I said, “not acceptable and I will be accompanying him.” She began to try and explain the reasoning and I stuck to my story. She gave up and said, “I will note that you are accompanying your husband.” The Cowboy has to have a Covid test before he can have the surgery to remove the stent–we will do that on the same day as the pre-surgery appointment.

Happy Mother’s Day! It’s a cold, windy, cloudy Mother’s Day in Montana–no spring flowers visible except my store bought tulips on the coffee table. Michael’s Mother died in 2002 after a long fought battle with cancer. My Mom is alive but not so well–I spoke with her this morning and she is feeling a bit better.

The Cowboy’s Mother, photo probably taken in about 1955.

Mom and me–photo taken in 2014–in her healthier days.

We haven’t been doing much of anything else–weather is too icky to be outside so anything we do is inside–reading, knitting, suduku, etc. And of course we are still eating–probably too much! Montana began opening up two weeks ago tomorrow. There have been no new cases for three days and no deaths for 11 days.


9 thoughts on “Firsts And Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Glad to hear that your Cowboy Mike is doing better! He looks like you can’t keep down for long! As busy as he and you are! Take care, Rawn Stone


  2. That stent removal is pretty simple, only takes about 10 seconds or less to remove it. No anesthetics and no pain. Just a silly little feeling when it gets pulled out. Now that is if it’s the same type of stents I had with my kidney stone procedures. First time done I had one stent but the second time I had two stents to come out so I had two silly little feelings.


  3. Although our southeastern Arizona valleys are doing better than most other areas, you were wise to return to Montana. How wonderful to be somewhere that the numbers are actually dropping. We had such great food at the Turtle and I’m really glad they’re doing okay. Best wishes for an easy procedure for the Cowboy!!


    1. Thanks Jodee–for the wishes for Michael. Yes, our county in Arizona is doing much better than other parts of the state but we are still comfortable with our decision to return early even with the icky weather!


  4. Glad you are able to go with Michael to his appointment. Sure is a different time. Hope all goes well for Michael. I’m sorry you haven’t been able to visit your mother but glad she is feeling better. We aren’t quite brave enough to go to eat yet. I’ve just adjusted to doing take out. Glad you had a positive experience.


    1. I don’t think we will make a habit of dining out–it’s still a scary world out there! There are two hospitals in Billings and coincidentally a friend of ours from WY is also having surgery on Monday at the other hospital. Her husband is not allowed to even come in the door. This friend is an OR nurse I trained–I told her to play the “well, the other hospital lets people come in to pre-op” card and see if it got her anywhere! 😏

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