A Finish And A Start

It’s finished!! For Judy over at the Patchwork Times blog this would have been a project she could have completed in a couple hours. I started knitting this headband right after we got home in early April and finished it Sunday afternoon. I asked the Cowboy, “bet you thought I wouldn’t finish this,” and he said, “you are right!” I can’t count the number of times I ripped the project back to the very beginning. As I said in a previous blog–then I discovered lifelines and would insert one after about every five inches of knitting–that helped tremendously and it’s done, finished! I learned a lot about knitting–this is my first ever finished knitting project and I’m ready to tackle another one.

Love is in the air, it’s spring time and the grouse are courting–

We’ve started a major landscaping project in the backyard. Just before we left in the fall, we poured concrete patios on the north and east side of our house. That project necessitated removal of some of the flower bed–

Yesterday we began trying to finish this “little” project and all I can say is,” thank God we have equipment!” More of the flower bed was removed, columbine plants relocated, drip system hoses were removed, all the rotted, grass infested landscape fabric was torn out and the old mulch was removed. I was on the end of a shovel way too much! The Cowboy began laying rocks Saturday and we managed to get more in place before the storms arrived mid afternoon on Sunday.

Still lots to do–finish the rock wall, lay flagstones, replace the water system, landscape fabric and mulch–whew, what a project but one that was needed.

As the saying goes, we dined high on the hog today or rather high on the seafood. I used a recipe my friend Kelly gave me for the sauce–buerre blanc sauce over scallops. It was a divine meal and we both enjoyed it immensely. Something different for a change from beef, beef and beef.

Montana continues to hold steady–no new cases today. I’m anxious to see if our numbers start to climb after Monday when the bars and restaurants open–I’m so hoping the numbers show no increase!



10 thoughts on “A Finish And A Start

  1. Consider not using landscape fabric. That stuff just causes more problems than it’s worth. Looks great!


    1. You may have a point–landscape fabric does a great job for a few years but if you want to plant something else it’s a pain to cut through the fabric. After a point, the grass just comes up through the fabric–I hate to weed–any ideas??


  2. Everything is starting to take shape ending with a product you can be proud of.
    We use Beef as a break away from the other proteins.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the outcome.

    It’s about time.


  3. Congratulations!! Love the headband and that neat little twist in your stitching. I sure hope you don’t need to wear it any time soon!! Can’t wait to see your finished landscaping project. Looks great so far


  4. Wanting to do another project is even more telling than completing the first one – you’re now a knitter!! The landscaping is looking great. We do miss grass. Tessa REALLY misses it šŸ™‚ We could see more places opening up in the next two weeks but with so few people wearing masks we’ll still be staying home šŸ˜¦


    1. I miss grass when in Arizona, we toyed with the idea of putting in a small, small lawn but changed our minds. We too will be staying home most of the time for a while.


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