Just Hanging Out

The days run together, we stay busy. It’s a good thing we like the company of each other!

Tuesday was a new day–sunny with a howling wind. Not as many chores–just as many meals. I did quilt a bit on my Buggy Barn bunny quilt. About 3pm the Cowboy came inside and asked if I would like to take a drive–absolutely! We drove up the Boulder almost to Hawley Mountain Guest Ranch before we turned around–the road was getting rougher by the minute and the snow was getting closer!

This is my view some of the time, at other times she is hanging her head out the Cowboy’s window.

Not very many critters out and about–saw a muskrat in the beaver ponds and elk across the river at the former Boulder River Ranch. Lots of deer grazing in rancher’s hay fields. The views are awesome as always–lifting my spirits as always.

Wednesday we met Sarge and Sarah at the Rib and Chop House in Livingston. We ordered takeout and drove to a nearby park where we sat in the sun on a beautiful spring day and enjoyed our lunch and the company. This was the first meal I haven’t had to cook since around the first of March–it tasted so good!

Montana continues to hang steady–some days we have no new cases, other days just one or two. Lots of people are out and about it seems. I hope we continue to hang steady while the state is in the process of opening back up.

8 thoughts on “Just Hanging Out

  1. Oregon and Montana are both pretty far down on the case list, I am grateful. We did share a take out pizza with daughter Deborah and grandson Matthew last week after an important court case that was thankfully dismissed. Pizza was definitely called for! All is well here. Glad you got to get out a bit.


  2. Cochise County is still low in cases, but we’re still getting new ones each week 😦 You sure live in beautiful places! I think those of us who have RV’d extensively are well prepared for all this “together alone” time! Your Emmi view is priceless :-)))


  3. Drives are a welcome change any time but even more so now. I finally decided to break down and do take out. I have been nervous about how well protected the people preparing the food are. But we did hot take out and then nuked it. So far we are still alive. It was nice to finally have a night off. Glad you had a nice day to eat outside with your friends.


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