Our fourteen days of quarantine is over. We are now free to take a drive, go to the grocery store and if the governor can be believed as of Monday we will be free to do a lot more–retail will be opening, hair salons, and churches.  The following Monday restaurants and bars will open. All these openings have restrictions. For example, restaurants have to have half their normal seating and no sitting at the bar. Gyms, theaters and large events are still closed. The governor cautioned everyone, especially those over 65 to continue their vigilance. To gather in small groups, to practice social distancing. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities remain closed to the public. Schools may reopen later in May at the discretion of their school boards.

I posted this quote on Facebook yesterday and have really been trying to think and talk about my joys.

These little guys are some of my joys!

Brooks enjoying the sunshine! Millie Bliss making mud pies.Lora and her trusty side kick Gemma enjoying a stroll in the German countryside–wonder what she has in that back pack??

We now have a stair rail–

Emmi has a new ball-

When we would go to Yarnell, Arizona on the ATVs for breakfast there was a metal shop of some sort right next to the restaurant. Outside the shop was a huge ball made from horseshoes–probably twice the size of this one. The Cowboy decided to try his hand at making one–it’s now my newest deck ornament.

Another round of masks is on its way to Geri and Larry in South Dakota. The one with the sunflowers is for you Larry!😁😁Some of the ones in the pile are going elsewhere–to local friends and to my Mom.

Totally unconcerned with each other–I was about to call Emmi back when the deer took off.

Our resident woodpecker of some kind. He hangs by his claws to get a sunflower seed from the feeder then takes it to a nearby tree for dining.

We’ve had some nice days–warmer–now if that blasted wind would just stop!

8 thoughts on “Done

  1. Stay safe entering our new world! Larry will start a new fashion with sunflower face mask! Maybe all will be wearing them! Enjoyed your photos!


  2. I love the new sculpture !! Michael is so darn talented! One of those would look nice under the palms by the pool…just saying!!! That photo of Millie makes me laugh. Her facial expression is priceless. Love Emmi’s new friend!!


  3. I LOVE the horseshoe yard art! I agree with Pam…Michael is so darn talented! All your meals sound sooooo yummy. And that chocolate cake made my mouth water. The little ones are precious, great photo of the woodpecker, and learning to knit is on my list too. You are way ahead of me…but things are slowing down here. I will definitely be checking out you tube! It’s alittle scary here in Georgia as our governor wants to reopen business here on Friday…sounds a lot like what Montana is doing. Stay safe!


    1. Thanks so much Gay! We came back to Montana way earlier than in normal years because we feel safer here–and I think we are. Now if people will just behave themselves! I was glad to see so many people in Costco today wearing masks!


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