Halfway There

Today marks the halfway mark in our 14 day quarantine and we are still speaking. The Cowboy directed my attention to a “funny” on Facebook–man and woman are sitting beside each other and the woman said, “could you please blink a little more quietly.” We aren’t that bad, yet.

Well, I doubt anyone wants to read about clean sheets on our bed or laundry or what we ate but as that’s about the extent of our activities it’s what you get. The Cowboy is puttering and I’ve been making masks for shipping off to family. We’ve both been taking short walks with the Emmi girl–the weather is not exactly conducive to long, leisurely walks. Snow, cold and a howling wind at times. I will just say it this one time–I hate April in Montana.

Today is our great grandson Brook’s birthday–he is four years old–how did that happen? We would sure like to see him on his birthday but that’s not going to happen.

Since we have so little to discuss, let’s talk about bidets. We have a couple friends who raved about their bidets, she is English. When it came time to outfit the master bath in the Arizona main house, we installed a bidet toilet seat. It uses the same water supply as the toilet and needs an electrical outlet which my Cowboy had all ready installed. Costco had a Brondell bidet toilet seat on sale (prior to Covid-19) and we ordered one online. I now don’t want to live without a bidet toilet seat. We bought one which uses heated water, heated air dry, and various other settings accessed with the remote. I am night blind and one of the features I really like is the blue night light. Install is easy–it replaces the regular toilet seat and comes with a plumbing “T” so you can use the same water line as the toilet. Plug in to an electrical outlet and it’s ready.

My plan was to update the master bath toilet in Montana until Covid-19 reared its ugly head. No bidets at Costco. The company itself, Brondell, is struggling to fill orders and of course the price is much more than what we paid at Costco–$160 more. Amazon did have the Brondell brand but it is now out of stock or at an outrageous price from third party vendors. Searching on eBay I found one!!! It was $60 more than our original purchase but it was available for shipping and arrived Wednesday evening. Success!

Sunday evening my family in Arkansas had severe high winds. Trees and power poles down everywhere across a wide path. They have been without power since about 8pm Easter Sunday. Generators are keeping their freezers and refrigerators going. It’s unseasonably cool in Arkansas right now and people need heat. The power companies are working around the clock trying to fix the lines. Makes my quarantine with power seem not so bad doesn’t it!

And I’m really in the 21rst century–I went to yoga yesterday via Zoom!! It was cool to see friends and hear their voices–and I so enjoyed the yoga! I’ve been calling people–friends, neighbors, family–I think it’s important to stay in touch. We hope all of you out there are coping and surviving these uncertain times.




8 thoughts on “Halfway There

  1. Glad you and Michael are surviving and still speaking!! Hurray! Interesting that you post moved to toilets. Once and RVer always an RVer…toilets and black tanks seem to always be part of the conversation. Hard to believe Brook’s is four. It seems like we were just seeing baby photos. Sorry your weather is so cold. Hope it warms soon.


  2. Love the snowy pictures…almost as much as the beautiful desert pictures. Any pictures these days that show a change of scenery are a welcome sight! It’s hard to believe it’s still winter there. That is way cool to do your yoga class on Zoom…I am definitely impressed!


  3. I was thinking the same thing as Pam – what is it about us all and toilet talk?! But I’m impressed that you had already installed a bidet in your AZ home! Our high wind days keep us inside as well, and it really does feel more “isolated” when your outdoor time is limited. Your snow is beautiful – from here 🙂


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