Day Four Of Fourteen

The days all run together, we have a hard time remembering what day of the week we are living. We are on day 4 of our 14 day quarantine. No going anywhere. Someone must bring you groceries if you need food. We have plenty of food and thank God we have plenty of room to roam and not come into contact with any two legged’s as Pluto said. The weather is making it difficult to roam–blizzard conditions on Saturday and on Easter Sunday morning we woke to 14 degrees. As I type the beginnings of my Sunday blog, the sun is trying to shine and all our leafless trees are shrouded in a coating of white, white snow.

Thursday was spent putting away all the stuff from the motorhome and doing a mountain of laundry–regular clothes and all the dust covers I place over the furniture when we leave. I did feed us but darned if I can remember clear back to Thursday what it was we ate??

Our house has electric heat upstairs, radiant hot water heat under the upstairs tile and the basement floors. Plus downstairs we have a wood stove which we use a lot when it’s cold. There is a fireplace with glass doors in our upstairs living room but we seldom use it–the doors get grubby and I tire of cleaning them. Friday we replenished our wood pile–there was a stack of logs up on the hill in the hay field the Cowboy had been saving to run through the portable sawmill. We sacrificed some of those logs for warmth!  😆

We built this house in over the course of the year 2001 and moved in January, 2002.  We’ve never rearranged the living room furniture until Saturday. Our chairs always faced the kitchen/dining area and I told the Cowboy I wanted to look outside for a change–so we moved furniture–every man’s favorite thing to do!

Not quite satisfied, I tweaked the arrangement on Sunday morning while enjoying a fire in that fireplace we never use–seemed the morning for a fire. We had pancakes for breakfast–something in which we seldom indulge.

I’m trying to knit, I can cast on, knit and purl but when it comes to actually making something I struggle. I thought knitting a headband to keep my ears warm would be easy–not yet! I failed miserably at knitting socks several years ago–the Cowboy asked me not to knit–it hurt his ears!😍Sunday before I made lunch, I sat down and watched the video for the headband pattern I am using. I had been watching the video so intently (the person doesn’t show her knitting very well on the video) I hadn’t been listening to what she said–the headband is knit in English rib! Light bulb moment! I searched YouTube and found a very annoying lady who gave clear instructions and demonstrated over and over how to knit the English rib. I’ve got it!!

Saturday I made masks. Our friends Gina and Rollie are living on the island of St. Croix–Rollie has taken a job as commissioning manager for a refinery on the island. Talking to Gina the other day she mentioned that masks were unobtainable and I promised to send some to her. From news stories I’ve read, there have been approximately 50 cases of Covid19 in the US Virgin Islands and one death. Every quilter has fabric and I’m no exception. We had trouble finding something to use as a nose piece–manufactured face masks have a very thin, flexible piece of metal. The Cowboy has an extensive selection of everything 😁 but no thin, flexible metal so we used 18ga insulated copper wire. Not perfect but it worked!

It’s Easter Sunday and we hope each and every one of you had a blessed day. We are missing family greatly both here and in Arkansas. Here are some photos of our Easter bunnies–


15 thoughts on “Day Four Of Fourteen

  1. Brrrrr! That is some cold weather to welcome you home in Montana. While the snow is beautiful, not in April! I like the new arrangement of the chairs. You have a nice view outside. The grandchildren are adorable. Hang in there…only ten days left! You’ve got this!


    1. April in Montana–not sure I’ve ever seen “nice” weather on Easter in Montana–in the past we would meet Wyoming friends in Red Lodge for Easter brunch and I don’t remember the roads being too bad on any of those occasions.


  2. Glad to read you are safely home. It is so nice to live in a rural environment during this time. I don’t think I would do well at all in a city. We dodged the tornados yesterday by a few scant miles. So thankful for a blessed Easter day.


    1. Yes, I can’t imagine living in a city during these times and consider ourselves very blessed! Glad the storms missed you! There are lots of trees down in my family’s Arkansas neighborhood this morning and no power but all are safe.


    2. Yes, I can’t imagine living in a city during these times and consider ourselves very blessed! Glad the storms missed you! There are lots of trees down in my family’s Arkansas neighborhood this morning and no power but all are safe.


  3. Thank you Janna for the masks. Gina and I are both glad to be down in St Croix. For the most part it’s business as usual. There have been 14 cases of COVID19 here on the island. The other 35 cases are on St Thomas and St John. There are no active cases here on St Thomas. No one is allowed to come on the island. The flights have slowed to just 1 a week. People are leaving the island but no one is coming. The stores are fully stocked here. Glad you guys made it home safely. Love and hugs to you both!!


  4. How pretty and comfortable your living room is. The wood is beautiful
    and is a great back drop for your quilts hanging! What a nice place
    to be quarantined in.
    Even though this stay at home time is confining, it’s good for
    getting home projects done…… also easy for lazy spells! Ha
    Continue to be safe.


    1. Thank you Linda–we love our log home. I’ve been working on sewing projects–something I don’t have time for where we are in Arizona. Perfect time of year for inside projects–too cold and snowy to be outside.


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