Just Muddling Along

I’ve hidden the scale in the closet. I’m not usually a bread maker–I don’t like to knead bread and with my arthritic hands, it’s almost impossible. Several years ago I did get hooked on the Artisan Bread In Five Minutes A Day cookbook. There are several basic bread recipes with basic ingredients–flour, water, salt and yeast. No kneading. Each recipe makes enough dough for four loaves of bread or more depending on the size you chose. The dough once it rises the first time is then placed in the refrigerator. When you are ready for bread just pull off a chunk, let it rise and you have crusty artisan bread or pizza dough or a baguette. My kind of bread making.

Then along came Judy from The Patchwork Times with her homemade hamburger buns and other breads. Yesterday she blogged about King Arthur Flour No Knead Harvest Bread–oh, dear, I’m hooked! A heavy, crusty sort of sweet bread with cranberries, raisins and pecans–what’s NOT to like??? And no kneading!! Today Judy is talking about focaccia breadI love focaccia bread and again, no kneading. You can now understand why that scale needs to be hidden.

We’ve just been staying at home–taking walks, working on the house, reading, and probably watching too much news. I’ve been trying to get a grocery pickup time and am seeing I would have better luck with Fry’s than Walmart.

My great niece Elizabeth is a senior in high school in Arkansas. It’s senior prom time but of course there is no senior prom this spring. Elizabeth dressed up and Facetimed with her boyfriend–that’s a great attitude in these uncertain times. I love this girl!

These photos are from our Monday drive over the Chiricahua Mountains.

It’s been a tough few weeks in my family–we lost a cousin to cancer, our stepfather and now my Mother’s sister. Mom was one of six girls, no boys and now she is the only one living. Makes me to sad to think all the aunts are gone. Dad died in 2002–he was the oldest, the only boy. His three sisters are still living.

20 thoughts on “Just Muddling Along

  1. So sorry for all of your loss’s this week Janna. It’s a really rough time without having to deal with the lossibg onesyou love. Stay strong. Miss you two – and Emmi too.


  2. These are tough times and my sympathy goes out to you.
    Our trust is in the Lord, that’s our hope through it all.
    Keep the faith, this will surely pass.
    Home made bread…..how enticing!


  3. I LOVE bread but do tend to stick to real sour dough or Ezechial bread. But I could eat any crusty bread loaf all by myself. My problem now is finding yeast! I can’t believe there are that many people out there baking. Our daughter made a beautiful easy bread I want to try, too. I love focaccia!! Your great niece looks lovely. So sad for all the senior out there. You certainly have had a very difficult time. So very sorry to hear about your family members. Thinking of you and your family in this difficult time. Hope you are able to be with your mom soon.


    1. Yes, what is up with the yeast shortage?? I had a just opened container so I am OK for a while. I too am so sad for the seniors, for the workers without jobs, for the businesses which will go under–these are awful times.


  4. We read “How to Die Young at a Ripe Old Age” a few months ago & it is way tough to give up all the flour & pasta. Bread & ice cream will be the death of me I’m sure as I have NO will power…if it’s in the house, I eat it! It is certainly beautiful in your part of the country…thank you for sharing! So sorry to hear about all the sadness you & your family are going through.


    1. I just don’t think I could do without bread and ice cream. We don’t eat a lot of bread in normal times, not even once a day, nor do we eat ice cream in normal times but these aren’t normal times and those foods are comforting. Thank you for your condolences–I think we had enough don’t you??


  5. I started reading your blog several years ago when my husband and I were full time rv’rs….. We are off the road now and just built a house in Arkansas to be near the kids since we are 75 and 70 years old with health problems. The reason I’m answering your blog is to tell you the secret to get a pickup time at Walmart. Get your list posted and wait until just after midnight to place it. They turn the program off during the day while they are pulling orders so you can’t reserve a time. We have been using it for about 6 weeks and it works every time that you’ll get a pickup time. Keep blogging as I love to read about your adventures and see your pictures!!!! Have a great day!! Martha Taylor, Pottsville Arkansas. Momo90x4@live.com

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  6. Well, Janna, I guess the long comment I left after reading your blog on the phone last night was only in my imagination. Geez. I came back to be sure it got sent and sure enough it didn’t. Ah well. I don’t have the whatever to recreate it, sorry. Just know I am thinking of you and wishing you two the very best. Glad you are at least safe in a small community for the time being, and that you two can get out for a solitary drive now and then. Weather is warming tomorrow and Mo and I are going to take a short trip to the empty, lonely mountains for a view, a walk with the dog, and a little bit of different scenery.


  7. I’m so sorry you are experiencing all this loss of precious family. I think if any social scientist was studying our world-wide reactions to this lock-down, no step-out-the-door virus society, s/he’d find we are going through all the phases of a grief we can’t escape. Introspection is has to be one of those phases. But it’s so much worse when the loss comes from our core family. Please do know that you have many extended friends who,though we only know you through your blog, feel your sorrow and our hope for you is for the blessing of time and happier memories.


    1. What a wonderful message Emjay–thank you so much! It is a different kind of grieving when you can’t be with loved ones, when there is no funeral or service of any sort. And you are right, this isolation is a kind of grief–we have good days and bad one.


  8. I’ve actually made banana bread twice in the last couple weeks – that’s probably the extent of my baking efforts. Your breads sound amazing!! Good for Elizabeth and her boyfriend – a bummer that they’re missing the dance, but hopefully schools will be able to schedule them when we’re on the other side of this. I’m sure you two have no trouble staying busy. We’re getting small projects done while it’s still nice and cool.


    1. No, this isolation isn’t too different from our usual and customary isolation but in some ways it must be–I’m restless, I miss our friends, dinner out, happy hours, church.


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