Happiness and Sadness

On Tuesday morning our Chuck died leaving his suffering behind. He and Mom married almost ten years ago and he always said, “I’m so glad I landed in this family.” Chuck took such good care of our Mom and had the best sense of humor–he could make you laugh! He suffered a horrible heart attack in 2016 and almost didn’t survive–that episode destroyed his health and he has struggled along for four years. We will miss him so much! Rest in peace dear Chuck.

My sister, brother-in-law and brother cared for Chuck at home until he died–I will be forever grateful to them for the sacrifices they made in order to keep him from a nursing home. Chuck was very grateful too–he landed in the right family!

We have a budding cook in the family. They are self isolating in Germany and Laci keeps repeating, “I am NOT a teacher.”

Monday we took a drive over the Chiricahua Mountains just to get out of the house. We waved to a few other folks taking a drive and saw people camped in the forest service boondocking spots. All the USFS campgrounds were closed. We had been told the wildflowers were spectacular and they were–stunning!


And I am becoming so domesticated–Judy from the Patchwork Times was making hamburger buns lately as was the RV Goddess.  I decided to give it a try today and when we ate lunch both of us were wondering why I never made buns before–they were delicious!! I used the King Arthur flour recipe for bunseasy and so, so good!

Our granddaughter Kristen just finished her second year of college and prerequisites  with an eye toward nursing school. The nursing school accepts 26 students, 300 applied and our Kristen is going to nursing school. So proud of her!

Life is good–I enjoy the company of the person I’m spending 24/7 with, we are in a safe place, we have plenty to eat as the scale tells us–Life is good.

26 thoughts on “Happiness and Sadness

  1. Chuck certainly did find the right family. You are blessed to have family near your Chuck and your mother. It was wonderful for Chuck to have so much love and care so he could stay in his home. Hopefully it won’t be long before you can fly to see your mother. The rolls look wonderful. Our daughter made bread the other day and it looked so good. Now all I need is yeast…next time I go to the grocery store (Only once a week now). The yellow fields of flowers are so beautiful. Congratulations to your granddaughter!!


  2. So sorry you couldnt be with family at this hard time, Janna. Terrible. But at least you were there at Christmas. Those buns look yummy. I might try to find the recipe.


  3. So sorry for your loss. Hard times made even harder with the distancing. The wildflowers make the world seem a little brighter.


  4. So very sorry about Chuck. But to know he was surrounded by loved ones makes the heart feel a little better.


  5. Your pictures are stunning Janna. And yes, the flowers are beyond beautiful in the desert this spring, thanks to the plentiful rains we’ve been blessed with. Stay safe and healthy.


  6. I send condolences for your loss.
    The flowers are beautiful. I so enjoy your pictures of your surroundings, Thank you.
    King Arthur Flour recipes and flours are the best.
    If you can’t find yeast, make sourdough. It doesn’t have to be sour, just depends on how long you let it sit. Nor does it have to be a round loaf. I bake my loaves in regular loaf pans.


  7. I’m so sorry to hear of Chucks passing. Being able to be home must have been a blessing for him. Our prayers are with you and your family


  8. My sympathy to you and your family. He was so blessed
    to be able to be at home. We would all want that.
    Your tempting me with your beautiful buns, yummy!
    That sounded funny, ha, hamburger buns🤭
    Maybe I’ll try too.
    Pictures are lovely.


  9. Very sorry to hear of Chuck’s passing. There is no doubt he felt your family’s love and presence throughout. My condolences to all.


  10. Sure sorry to hear of Chuck’s passing. He was blessed to be surrounded by loving family during these tough years. Those wild flowers are stunning. We sure don’t get the flowers over here. At least not yet! I hear Germany is one of the places handling the crisis better than others – always good to know when loved ones are there. Even better to be sequestered with someone you like :-))


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