Still Isolating

Whew! Montana’s governor put into place a “stay at home” order effective early Saturday morning. Cases of the virus in Arizona are rising by over 100 per day yet no stay home order. We are safe and secure in our little isolated spot in Arizona. Any one other than me tired of cooking??–it’s not so much the cooking as it is deciding what to cook–some nights we resort to popcorn.  😁

Since posting on Wednesday I wrote a long, wordy blog about our Thursday Tucson adventure–you might ask why we drove all the way to Tucson–our local (Benson) Walmart and Safeway are very poorly stocked as is the Safeway in Willcox–I wanted to stop going to the store just to see if they actually had anything! Instead of being so wordy let’s just say there were too many people (400+) waiting in line at one of the Tucson Costco stores. I posted on Facebook about this adventure and said 200+ people–the Cowboy corrected me! We left and were able to hit a Walmart and another Costco store, obtaining most everything on our list–I bought the last bag of unbleached flour in Walmart. We wore our masks and gloves.

Both Walmart and Costco had purchase limits. Costco has instituted several protective measures–they sanitize the carts, limit the number of people in the stores and now have a plastic/plexi-glass screen between the cashier and customer. They ask you to hold your own credit card and they scan it.

All our purchases rode home in the back of the truck–being aired!😁

In Costco I witnessed a man fussing at his child for leaning against the meat case and getting germs on his clothes and hands. The man picks up a package of meat, turns to put it in his cart and scratches his eye! 😣No gloves, no mask. I wanted so badly to bring this to his attention but refrained. 😏

The new trees have water lines, more tile has been laid and I painted a set of closet doors. Too much news both on the TV and on the internet has been consumed.

Any of you who have read this blog for very long know I am extremely picky about my hair. My regular appointment was scheduled for this coming Wednesday and I am canceling. I cut my own hair this afternoon–YIKES! It doesn’t look bad–the Cowboy helped me trim the back. But don’t fret Becky and Sharon–I will be back!

12 thoughts on “Still Isolating

  1. Had to stop my husband from making a third trip to WM Saturday morning. I pointed out the number of vehicles who pass through Childress daily and Walmart is a favorite shopping place for travelers.


  2. Indeed, I too am getting to the point where cutting my own hair is going to be a necessity. I don’t like looking at the world through a curtain of hair. Adopting an Isolation Hairdo is going to be the norm everywhere, though.


  3. We rarely eat out. I prefer cooking at home to spending money on food that I could do better at home for far less money. That being said, I did have the option to eat out or do take out when ever we wanted. The fact that I don’t feel we can do take out is making cooking seem more labor intense. All of our restaurants have curb side take out but it does make me nervous not knowing how careful the employees are being. I’m also use to stopping at the store every day for whatever ingredient I need for that nights meal. Now I have to think way ahead and try to visit the store only once a week. This is getting old quickly. Thank goodness for so much empty desert and mountains to explore alone to keep us busy. Take care!


    1. Ditto on exactly everything you said! We hardly ever eat out–quality restaurant selection near us on both ends of the country is not good so takeout isn’t even an option if I wanted to. Like you I am nervous about getting take out.

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  4. Nothing is open here in California….except of course grocery stores, Costco,
    Home Depot, banks among a few other things like curb side restaurants.
    Our hair and nail salons all closed. I got a haircut the week of the shutdown and I don’t do
    my nails. Sounds like cutting on my hair is a real possibility!
    Being at home isn’t too bad for me but it’s the social part that I miss.
    We miss church, family and friends…. but we can do this…..
    Just say prayers for those with the virus 🙏


  5. Not sure what Arizona leadership is waiting for 😦 The lack of common sense is not encouraging. I so agree about being tired of figuring out what to prepare for meals. I have to get up early to schedule pick up times at Walmart in Sierra Vista, but continue to have pretty good luck finding what we need. No TP of course :-)))


    1. I don’t understand–nail salons are “essential!” I’m going to try a Frys pickup next time–I’ve started an order and they’ve had every single thing I wanted except Cheetos–oh no–are people hoarding Cheetos now???? The Cowboy could be in trouble–he is addicted to those orange things!


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