Life Goes On

Nat would have been in his hay day right now. He loved to discuss the news and most especially the stock market–the ins and outs, why it was going up or down. I miss that man!

In the midst of all this craziness life goes on doesn’t it. A dear, dear friend has lost her husband, another friend is in the hospital in Tucson following an ATV accident Monday. His wife isn’t allowed inside the hospital–that would be hard for me! Friends in France have lost a pet. My family in Arkansas is struggling. Life goes on.

So, what have we been doing–the same thing we were doing before COVID-19 reared it’s ugly head–working on the house and yard. The Cowboy had to take a break from laying tile–our knees don’t work as well as when we were younger–imagine that!๐Ÿ˜„I finished painting the living room and dining room areas. Tuesday we ran the watering lines to some of the new trees we planted–it’s good to have that task done. We still need to run more lines to about four more trees but that too has to wait until our sore muscles aren’t so sore!ย ๐Ÿ˜‹ย ๐Ÿ˜‹

We are warming up in Arizona–lots of sunshine and temps near 80 degrees. This March wind needs to blow itself right out of here!

So tell us what you’ve been doing during this self isolation, sheltering in place, distancing business–we’ve been eating too much–this morning it was pancakes!

16 thoughts on “Life Goes On

    1. Yep, we have an awfully sweet spot here to hunker down too. Mike and I were talking this afternoon about how much worse this would be if we lived in an apartment in New York city!


  1. Our town is working on a plan for Semana Santa… the week before Easter. This is a HUGE week for Mexicans…. total partying, vacations, a week at the beach etc. We are a small town right on the Pacific Ocean that depends almost totally on winter snowbirds and tourism. Most of the folks that come during Semana Santa are from big cities in Mexico…. they rent bungalows, apartments, houses…. even spend a week camping out on the beach. Nearly everyone here now is “self” isolated. The essential stores are open …. grocery and pharmacy…. but you don’t see folks on the streets. Restaurants are delivering meals to homes. So… will the town (or state) post police or other authority at the entry to the town and deny non-residents access? At this point there is no definite plan for the next month. Bill & I are at home a lot anyway… we can still walk… I walked 3 miles this morning and saw less than a half dozen people… none close enough to even speak to. This week is okay… I think it’s the next few weeks that are the big worry here.


      1. We had planned to return to Maine at the end of April, but that’s one hold. Don’t want to be in quarantine for 2 weeks there (or somewhere). At this point, no plans at all. Our home here is our only house… good place to be. Yes, folks are very concerned… despite news you hear from both the US and Mexican governments. Lots of folks are wearing masks… and gloves at the grocery store. Several women I know are making cloth masks to donate to people in town. I think our town is especially concerned about the upcoming Easter holidays. Two weeks ago there was no hand shakes for “peace”, and communion wasn’t dipped in wine – and was placed in a person’s hand. Last week masses all over have been cancelled… folks are encouraged to watch mass on tv/internet. Strange world, isn’t it?


  2. My Bernina sewing machine and I are best buddies. Iโ€™ve been working on Christmas projects. Paddington, the poodle, is making sure I get lots of exercise too. Let the dog let the dog in.


  3. Like you and Michael, we have managed to stay very busy rotating our working days between inside and outside. We have had annoying birds that insist on building the ugliest, messiest, muddy nests on the ledge under the front porch and under the garage stoop. Today we built a permanent barrie to replace the boards we had placed on the ledge. Finally I got all the mud which had been slung all over the freshly painted exterior walls all cleaned up…never a dull moment! Your pancakes look yummy!


    1. We have mud swallows in Montana and they build the nastiest nests making a tremendous mess–we feel your pain! I’m glad we do have something to keep us busy–it I read the news all day long I might go crazy!


  4. The poppies are so pretty. Love those white poppies with the yellow center. You and Michael need to be careful with all this time in house. Don’t over do it. Not much has changed with us except no daily Starbucks. We are experts at isolation. Our temps haven’t warmed up. We are about 20 degrees below normal and have lots of strong wind. But next week we hit the 70’s and our first 80’s. Take care.


  5. Oh yes that wind can stay away! We’re keeping busy with Ezra and his folks while staying at home. Bill is high risk and hasn’t left the house/Jeep in three weeks. Getting projects done around the yard, cancelling all the reservations I had made for the summer, cooking and baking, and trying to stay in the now.


    1. Glad the kids came–enjoy! So you did decided to stay here for the summer–probably a good idea! I’ve been cooking and eating way too much but it’s OK–it’s comforting.


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