Staying Put And Some COVID-19 Thoughts

The big fifth wheel rolled down the driveway early Tuesday morning after we said our goodbyes to Beryl and Ainslie. It was a great visit and we are glad they stopped by on their way home to Oregon.

Tuesday morning I needed toothpaste and checked the food shelves at our local Dollar Store while I was there–mostly bare. Our meat is purchased at Costco which means big packages–so we are good with meat. My pantry in Arizona is no where near the size of the one in Montana but I’ve managed to cram in a lot of stuff–we have lots of beans, rice, pasta, almond milk, cereal, oats, etc., in addition to canned goods. I start to think, “oh no, do I have enough to feed us for at least a month??,” and then start thinking I need to go to the grocery store again–NO! We are good–for a month or more I would say–we might not particularly like what we are eating but we will eat.

I am concerned about all the older people in our community without the transportation resources we have or the ability to order over the internet.

We went out Tuesday afternoon to a small gathering of folks we trust at Linda’s–just 10 of us with fabulous food–Dan cooked the corned beef for Linda and the rest of us provided the sides. We didn’t hug or shake hands and a lot of the time we were outside in the mighty wind!

Left to right, Renata, Linda (standing) and Janice The Cowboy and Dan sporting the hats Linda had for all of us to wear.

And a laden table.

It’s Wednesday and we are at home and intend to stay here. There are no COVID-19 cases in Cochise County Arizona as of yet but that could change in a heartbeat. But the scary statistic is that several days ago there were four cases in Arizona–we now have 27 cases.

Our friends Nina and Paul are living in France which is under a strict quarantine and a pass must be obtained online to even walk their dog. Their cat became ill and Nina obtained a pass to take her to the veterinarian. The clinic accepts only one pet at a time, owner must wait outside in their vehicle, clinic employee comes outside with gloves and mask, takes the pet and brings it back to owner after the exam. Results are by phone call. It could happen here folks if we don’t voluntarily flatten this curve.

My brother-in-law is pastor of a church in Arkansas–they have closed their church until at least April 1–a very difficult decision to make I am sure. I was to travel to Arkansas next week and I’ve cancelled my flights.

A friend of mine in Montana has a daughter who is a physician’s assistant in Auburn, Washington. Her immediate boss is an emergency room physician and was interviewed on Good Morning America today. He stresses quicker testing and staying home. He states their hospital currently has enough ventilators but the nearby hospital is out of ventilators. He also said his hospital has a two day supply of face masks–that’s not good–and here’s hoping they are resupplied soon! This COVID-19 is real, it isn’t “just the flu” and this situation in the US could get much worse. Patient’s with “just the flu” don’t usually need ventilators.

And then we have the oblivious tourists. We have friends who live in Tombstone, AZ. Texting with her tonight she said Tombstone is as busy as ever and many of the cars have out of state license plates. We folks in the United States need to sit up, take notice, and read about what happened in Italy!

It rained cats and dogs today while the Cowboy did some drywall texturing and I painted. We might accomplish lots while staying at home!






8 thoughts on “Staying Put And Some COVID-19 Thoughts

  1. Looks like a nice St. Patty’s Day spread. The virus is serious, but I wish people would stop hoarding. I am sure that there are some houses with enough stock piled for years and no room to move. It sure would be easier on everyone if the stores were less crowded and we could run in and out quickly for small purchases. Meanwhile, things have really quieted down here and Vegas is a ghost town.


    1. I’m with you on the hoarding thing–good grief! What’s with the toilet paper hoarding?? And yes, it would be easier if we could just go to the store and pick up a few things, quickly! It’s kind of scary isn’t it to see Las Vegas so quiet. I am very worried about our economy–our small town businesses in Big Timber are still open but business is very slow they are saying and one even said that if she and her husband have to close their restaurant they will go bankrupt.


  2. We live in Austin, TX 8 months out of the year. The other 4, we spend 1 hr south of Jackson, WY. We are seriously considering staying in TX this summer. If Jackson is shut down, and the crowds in the parks are typical, I want no part of that. And trust me, having grown up in Minnesota, I REALLY don’t want to do another Texas summer!


  3. Jim and I are staying in with a run to CVS for prescriptions. We have enough supplies to keep us going for a month. Except for milk and bread and that we’ll get as needed. Pouring rain sure makes it easier to stay inside.


    1. Pouring rain made it really easy to stay inside–but out where we live in the middle of nowhere being outside isn’t an issue–I never see anyone when out walking Emmi. You and Jim are just the people who should avoid everyone–stay safe as I know you will. Get someone to deliver those supplies–milk, bread and prescriptions.


  4. We are so fortunate that we purchased this place when we did! We hadn’t stocked up on much but have been able to fill in as needed with grocery pickup. We’re spending our time between yard work and trying new recipes 🙂 It’s frightening to see that so many are still ignoring the stay at home directions, although Tombstone is finally starting to slow down a bit. Local restaurants are pick up only. Stay safe!!


    1. Where are you getting grocery pickup? I tried with both Walmart and Frys in Sierra Vista–Walmart has suspended their pickup service due to unprecedented demand–imagine that! And I could never get a time even three days out at Frys. We are very fortunate to be living where we are in these times!


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