Prepping And Good Sam Comes Through

Life is good. We are hanging out, avoiding crowds and delaying travel. Everything but the “delaying travel” is our normal. We enjoy hanging out at home and we avoid crowds if at all possible. The Patchwork Times lady wrote this blog about prepping as in being “prepped” or prepared in the event of a natural disaster or if you were forced to remain in your home for two weeks. Could you feed your family for two weeks with what you have in your refrigerator/pantry? I think I could. We would run out of milk and maybe eggs but I have enough meat and other various food stuffs to feed us if I had to. I could make bread with what I have on hand. We would probably run out of fresh vegetables and fruits. But I could feed us for two weeks–we wouldn’t starve. Could you?

Remember our two flat tires and our ire at being over charged for the tires brought to us by the Good Sam tire technician. We were charged $310 per tire. When we purchased additional tires at Big O in Wickenburg, we were charged $163 per tire. I initially called Good Sam on February 17 and my call was returned the very next day–that was it–never heard another word. So, on Thursday I called Good Sam again. On Friday afternoon late Good Sam customer support called me and asked for a copy of our Big O Tire receipt. On Saturday morning they called to tell me that while they couldn’t match the Big O price they could reduce the tire charge from $310 each to $185 each. Wow! We will receive a refund of about $270. So, we will continue to be loyal Good Sam Roadside Service customers.

Friday afternoon we had unexpected guests from Montana–Bob and Judy–they came last year and stayed a few days. We knew they were in the area and when Judy texted and asked if we would like to go out to dinner we invited them to use our RV parking spot. We enjoyed a good dinner in Willcox and some great conversation back at home. They pulled out Saturday morning heading for more adventures.

The Cowboy has been applying tape and drywall mud to the living room ceiling. We hung the last mini split and are waiting for some tubing to arrive via Amazon. I painted a set of closet doors today and did some cooking.

The poppies are popping and the moon is almost full.

Friday Geneva Street over in Sunsites was a happening place–the scene of the annual Geneva Street garage sale. We bought a rug and some hat hooks–that was it. But, when Louanne called and said she was pulling biscuits out of the oven we abandoned the garage sale and headed to their house–YUM!!

The last several days we’ve had that why we live in Arizona in winter kind of weather–warm and sunny. A touch windy today but when it’s warm, wind isn’t so bad. And Saturday night sunset was unbelievable!

Life is good.




14 thoughts on “Prepping And Good Sam Comes Through

  1. Hi folks,awesome pics- can’t wait for your interior shots; you have accomplished so much & outstanding vision.Perhaps a small attached greenhouse when become bored next year?lol.
    All the best,love the blog.


  2. I’m glad we’re away from the big cities for now, but we could get by for a couple weeks. I probably need to eat up what’s in the cupboards anyway :-)) The sunsets have been so incredible, we’re loving the show!


    1. I always think about eating everything we have before going to the grocery store again–but I never do it. This is the time of year we should be eating what we have so as not to leave stuff here. And yes, the sunsets have been incredible!


  3. Life is good!! Glad to hear you received some money back on your tires. Love those Arizona sunsets. We don’t often have the clouds needed to for those sunsets. Beautiful photos!


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