It’s Quiet

Monday we enjoyed a late breakfast and a walk with Emmi. Sarge wanted to go visit the Rex Allen Museum in Willcox and off we went. After the museum it was late lunch at the Mexican food restaurant and ice cream at Dairy Queen before we headed home to Miss Emmi.  The Cowboy and I aren’t museum people but the little Rex Allen Museum was worth the admission price–interesting.

Sarah and I transplanted lettuce today, walked Emmi again and spent the rest of the day lounging and visiting. The Cowboy and Sarge solved the problems of the world and told old stores–all day long.😁😁

Tuesday morning Sarah and Sarge rolled down the road heading back to Montana. The Cowboy and I didn’t do much the rest of the day–I managed some laundry and a trip back to the goat soap shop for more aloe vera cream to ship to Sarah. Our adorable goat soap shop is soon to be no more–Marcia’s Garden Shop is moving north to Safford–about 90 miles. Marcia’s husband Bill has been employed by the USPS for 41 years and is retiring–they are moving lock, stock and barrel to be closer to their children. Marcia has a website for her amazing goat’s milk products but it’s currently “parked” while they sell out of product in order to make moving easier. The little store was located in a small, cute cabin on their property and I will miss it–one of the few places to shop for gifts in our neighborhood.

Tuesday evening we joined Louanne and Dan at their house for happy hour. It was cool sitting on the porch but Dan has one of those propane heaters and we were comfortable–it’s always fun to sit on their porch and watch the finches and quail compete for food.

Wednesday the Cowboy tackled two sets of closet doors and was successful in having both installed by days end. He also installed a ceiling fan–hooray! We had a windless morning–a rarity in these parts–and I was able to finally spray the weeds growing in our gravel. I also mowed the weeds/grass–the poppies are starting to appear and the trees are leafing out. Spring is here I’m thinking.

More photos from our Whitewater Draw outing




6 thoughts on “It’s Quiet

    1. La Unica’s food was really good Monday and so was that margarita you introduced us to! I belong to Marcia’s Garden FB page so maybe she will notify us when the website is back up and running.


  1. I am just about out of the lavender oatmeal cream I bought at Marcia’s.
    It is a wonderful soothing cream . It sure was a cute little fun shop.


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