Montana Visitors Arrive

Thursday we grouted the tile floor in the last bedroom of the main house and I helped–on my hands and knees. And that is significant–seven months after I tore a ligament in my right knee I think it’s finally healed. Finally!

Friday we moved our sleeping paraphernalia to the main house and we are sleeping over there and using our spiffy new master bath. We are ready for guests. Our plan had always been to live in the main house and have the guest house for visitors and it’s slowly happening. I told Sarge and Sarah they had their own private sleeping accommodations and bath but they had to share the kitchen if they wanted to eat!😁😁

Saturday afternoon Sarge and Sarah arrived. We enjoyed an early dinner–fabulous grilled tri-tip, potatoes and green beans. We were working against sunset–we wanted to go to Whitewater Draw to see the sandhill cranes and needed to be there before sunset–we were successful and the cranes didn’t disappoint. Hundreds and hundreds of birds.

I see you!–we think she is sitting on eggs–the area is roped off with signs asking the public to stay behind the ropes so as not to disturb the owl.

Snow geese in among the sandhills.

Lots of yellow-headed blackbirds.

Back home after our bird tour we enjoyed homemade ice cream–so, so good!! It was a good day!

And a random question–why do coffee maker manufacturers feel the need to add to their machines a loud, obnoxious, shrill beep signaling the coffee is finished. And not just one beep but SIX beeps. Can’t I reasonably tell when the coffee is finished without that stupid pot waking the whole house???😣😣

Sunday was touring day and we did separate tours–as in the guys went one way over the Chiricahua Mountains and the ladies went to Bisbee–except Emmi, she went with the guys. All parties had a very enjoyable day and we all met up in Douglas to enjoy an early dinner at the Gadsden Hotel.

The defunct open pit copper mine in Bisbee, ArizonaBisbee was a happening place on a cloudy, cool Sunday afternoon. No photos were forthcoming from the guy’s trip???

A fabulous day in Arizona. At home we were treated to spectacular skies to end our day.


8 thoughts on “Montana Visitors Arrive

  1. Now that was a record birding day…sandhill cranes, snow geese, AND yellow-headed blackbirds. Fun evening. Beautiful sunset. We had rain just before sunset and it is still raining three hours later. We’ll take it!


  2. What a milestone to “move into” the main house!! I’m so envious you got to see the blackbirds. We could hear them – sounded like millions – but they weren’t visible in the tall stalks. How fun to take separate adventures and meet up for dinner!! Your sunset pics are amazing. We haven’t gotten that incredible purple here 😦


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