Sunsets and Work

All our work starts to blend together and unless I start a new blog soon after the last one publishes we have a hard time remembering what we did each day. All we know is the tile is laid in the last bedroom of the main house and all the doors that can be hung are now hanging. Grouting of the tile will happen on Thursday. The doors need to be painted but that will have to wait–we have company coming and at least we have doors!

The Cowboy has been using the shower in the main house–he installed the heater so maybe I will start using that shower too! Here are some photos of the new bathroom–the colors aren’t true–most of the walls are a mushroom color and the accent wall is a golden yellow.

The doors aren’t trimmed and there is other small stuff to be completed but we are loving the look of our new bathroom.

Wednesday morning bright and early on a chilly/windy day we retrieved Louanne and Dan’s truck from their garage and headed to Tucson with the Cowboy and Emmi in the lead in our truck. Louanne and Dan have been in Mexico for a month and after their flight landed in Tucson last night they just checked into a hotel and we took them their vehicle this morning.

We had our trailer in tow as we were picking up some used furniture as well as the usual Home Depot, Costco and Walmart runs. On the way home we fought a nasty head wind that was knocking us all over the road. Didn’t do much for our gas mileage either!

After unpacking Dan and Louanne came over for happy hour and to fill us in on their trip–they had a lovely time! So, that catches us up for the week I think–life is good.



8 thoughts on “Sunsets and Work

  1. Yes! Photos! The bathroom looks great. I did save a photo of your shower for our main bathroom renovation to show the various estimators we will have out. I like the light figure you chose for over the mirror. Great job!!


  2. So soft and warm looking – not easy to do with hard bathroom surfaces! Beautiful work. That wind was fierce, glad I wasn’t pulling a trailer of treasures. Your views are such a nice reward for all your hard work :-)))


  3. Your bathroom and shower are great! Makes me realize how much
    we need to remodel our bathrooms. Just keep putting it
    off…..hate the mess. Ha
    Beautiful sunsets.


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