Shopping, Work And Play

Thursday we had a full day in Sierra Vista. Stops at Home Depot, Lowe’s, a Walmart pickup order, lunch and a visit to a stair tread wood shop which turned out to be the most fun of the day. The shop was a beautiful building with a small two story area showcasing the different woods used to make stair treads. One tread was a vivid purple color from the purpleheart tree. The link has more information about the tree which is grown in tropical climates and is almost impossible to break.

Also in progress in the wood shop was a child’s slide for indoor use made of individual curved pieces of wood–multiple pieces of wood–hard to describe but stunningly beautiful. The creator and we laughed about how stunningly expensive it would be when finished. I didn’t ask to take photos–wish I had!

Emmi’s favorite part of going to Home Depot–

Friday I finished painting the main house bedroom, the Cowboy did some plumbing installing the toilet in the master bath. He also installed a heater in our little powder room bath. The light fixture and mirror in the master bath are up–that room is gorgeous if we do say so ourselves! In the evening we both created a major Amazon order–I searched for bathroom fixtures–toilet paper holders, towel bars, etc. at Lowes and Home Depot but was appalled at how much it would cost to outfit that bathroom. Amazon to the rescue. Rugs, bathroom hardware, vent covers, bedroom linens–all added up to a major order due to arrive on Tuesday.

And speaking of Amazon, has anyone watched the PBS show about Amazon–it was very, very interesting!

Saturday the Cowboy began laying tile in the bedroom and made great progress. I spent the day in the kitchen preparing dinner for our guests Saturday evening. Larry our Montana friend who owns a place near Douglas and Janice, along with Lyndon and Lisa joined us. It was a great evening spent in the company of good people.

Sunday was church, a delicious steak lunch provided by me and then a party. Seems a good friend of ours, Linda, is celebrating one of those momentous zero birthdays on Monday. Friends hosted an open house for her Sunday afternoon at Susie’s–what a beautiful home! I met lots of new people, lots of names to remember.

Rain and wind, wind and rain the last two days. Good for the desert, good for the spring flowers.

6 thoughts on “Shopping, Work And Play

  1. Looking forward to the pictures also…
    The wood shop sounds spectacular. Joe and I would love to browse there. I do think woods are amazing and stunning! Gay


  2. Oh yes, Tessa is a Home Depot fan as well :-)) She knows right where those treats are at both ends of the store! Can’t wait to see the big bathroom reveal. Soon you’ll be down to the kitchen and then the whole vision will be reality. Your title describes our days as well 🙂


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