We Are Definitely Back In Work Mode

Just one photo of the spectacular fireworks from Lake Havasu, Arizona last weekend. Photo compliments of friend Susie Orr.

Rats and gophers are a fact of life when you live in the desert. We catch a few then won’t see any for a while–but they are never actually gone. We have one trying to make a home under our guest house and sorry, dude rat but that’s not happening. The Cowboy was out in the yard setting a trap for a gopher or rat when Emmi and I came back from our evening walk. Emmi thought the guy with the black hat was a big, bad something and just shrieked at him–she bounces off her feet and is the funniest looking little dog.

Monday the Cowboy textured the ceiling in the last main house bedroom, hung a bedroom door and grouted the rest of the master bath floor. I made some phone calls–two phone calls turned into ten (literally) and I won’t say any more except Good Sam’s automated phone system about sent me over the edge and I now no longer have to use Alliance/Prime/Walgreens for my prescriptions refills–Costco here I come. After lunch I enjoyed a pedicure.

Sunset Monday evening was spectacular turning the skies in all directions various shades of pink and red.

Tuesday it seems as if I spent the entire day on the phone–talking with family and friends. I did trim the lemon and lime trees–time will tell if they are still alive. We caught a rat in the live trap Monday night–one gone. The Cowboy finished texturing the last main house bedroom and installed the bathroom heater the UPS man brought us. He also installed another door. He has more energy than any 74 year old man I’ve ever seen!

Wednesday was painting day for me and I didn’t finish painting the bedroom but made great progress. The accent wall and a bit of touch up is all I have left to paint. The Cowboy ran some electrical wires, fired up the new hot water heater and spread some more drywall mud. Wednesday night we tried the new restaurant in town by ordering a pizza to go. It was good–not the greatest but when you are hungry and don’t want to cook, the pizza was good.

Life is good!

10 thoughts on “We Are Definitely Back In Work Mode

  1. You both have so much energy it amazes me. Sounds like the main house is really coming along. Can’t wait for photos…hint, hint!! Hope you have good luck with the rats and gophers. Lovely sunset!


  2. You two are amazing! Now I wonder what you will do with your time when the house is finished? Buy and restore another one ??😉. I really like reading your Blog and have done for many years.


    1. I always enjoy seeing you’ve commented on the blog Vera. And the answer to your question that many people ask–“not with this wife he’s not buying another house and renovating.”😁


  3. Whew! You two have so much energy! It’s fun to see the rooms in my head and imagine what’s getting done there. Those skies are so pretty, and the owl is a great shot. Tessa barks at Bill when he comes in the back door and then looks very contrite at her error. Every time 🙂


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