Back In The Work Groove

Thursday morning at North Ranch was spent being bums. Emmi and I did take a stroll out in the desert. That’s one of the best things of living at North Ranch–the miles and miles of hiking and ATV riding trails right out the back gate. Larry and Geri live on the street which borders the desert so it’s a short walk to that gate. Late in the morning we visited with Joe and Kathy which is always fun–those two make us laugh! I thought of you two yesterday when I was hanging clothes on the outside line!! 🤣 🤣There are many less people at our house to see what I’m hanging on the line Kathy!

We were early for our tire install appointment and the guys at Big O Tires made quick work of sending us on our way with four more new tires. Back at North Ranch we spent an uneventful, quiet evening. Friday morning we rolled out and headed south with a stop at the Marana Costco, arriving home at about 4pm. Uneventful trip–a good thing! Thanks for the use of your backyard Larry and Geri!

Saturday we were both back in work mode. The Cowboy laid drywall mud in one of the main house bedrooms and also finished laying the master bath tile. Emmi and I worked in the yard pruning apple trees and also on the watering system. By evening we were both exhausted! Here’s a photo of Emmi “working”–she finds the sunny spots.

My geraniums are gorgeous!

And our lettuce crop is growing–

This curved bill thrasher sang so prettily this morning–in this photo he appears to be annoyed with me!

Church this morning and a delicious potluck afterward–good food! We were relaxing at home when we heard the unmistakable sound of a Harley approaching–it was our Montana friend Larry. We had a nice catch up before he left to beat the dark back to Douglas.


6 thoughts on “Back In The Work Groove

  1. Glad you had a nice relaxing visit at North Ranch. It’s always refreshing to take a work break. Emmi looks quite pleased on her stage in the sun. Lovely geraniums and the lettuce is growing!!


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