Are You Kidding Me

Wednesday morning four rigs left North Ranch heading for Lake Havasu. We just decided the work waiting at the house could just wait a little longer. We’ve enjoyed our little mini vacation immensely. Monday was a lazy day spent slowly getting ready for the move. Our Montana friends Jill and Terry dropped by in the afternoon and we spent some time getting caught up. For supper we first tried Arrowhead just north of Congress–closed for water problems–and ended up at Nichols West. The food was great as always in this surprising little restaurant in the middle of nowhere.

Sometime Monday night it started to rain and when it stopped raining mid morning we had received almost an inch of rain. I love being in a RV when it’s raining–it’s such a soothing sound, rain on the roof. The mountains surrounding us were snow covered. Tuesday we continued getting ready to move–I baked a cake, the guys went to the land fill, Geri baked–if nothing else we won’t starve! Late in the afternoon we went to visit our friends Jerry and Caryl who have recently moved back into North Ranch.

Note I said in the first paragraph–“Wednesday morning four rigs…..”  Well, by Wednesday afternoon late this rig was back at North Ranch. Just out of Salome–less than an hour from North Ranch we noticed the rig was riding horribly rough and thought it was the road. The loud pop we heard convinced us otherwise and luckily there was a nice wide spot beside the road. We texted Larry and Geri and decided to go back to Salome. The NAPA store did tire work but did not sell tires. The ruined tire was an inside dual. This motorhome has a spare and the NAPA store quickly installed the spare and we were on our way.

Not fifteen miles down the road–same exact thing–rough riding, loud pop, pulled into a driveway and yep, it had happened again–flat inside dual on the passenger side this time. Are you kidding me!!! No damage to rig or trailer but two flat tires in one day. This time we had no choice but to call Good Sam Roadside Assistance. We decided to have them bring us two tires so as to have a spare. We aren’t at all thrilled with the price Good Sam charged us for the two Toyo tires and for changing the tires–$937!!! We waited about two hours for the tire truck and once the guy arrived he made quick work getting us back on the road.

We decided to turn around and head back to Congress and Wickenburg Big O Tires where we had purchased tires in the past. They could have four of the exact Toyo tires ready for us by Thursday afternoon at 2:30pm. And four tires would cost us $800!! Now you can see why we weren’t thrilled with Good Sam’s price but what can you do when you are stuck beside the road. I will be calling customer service to complain but doubt I will make any headway.

So, we are tucked into the backyard at Geri and Larry’s with full hookups. We enjoyed lasagna and salad for supper. Larry and Geri’s neighbor Marilyn keeps a close eye on their place and was quick to come over and see why we were back. She felt sorry for us and brought over some delicious blueberry/lemon bread.

So, no injuries, no damage except to the pocketbook–life is good.


8 thoughts on “Are You Kidding Me

  1. Sorry to hear about the tire troubles. But glad you weren’t too far away and able to get things handled rather quickly. That is quit a price difference, as if RV tires weren’t already expensive enough.


  2. This RV life, tho good as it is, it ain’t for sissie’s!
    Get the good with the bad.
    Nice you have ‘deep’ pockets. Lol
    Just happy no accident occurred.
    Hopefully you’ll continue with a great visit.😘


    1. Yes, we were so glad that the two blowouts didn’t damage either the motorhome or trailer. It’s been a long time since we’ve had any of the “bad” in our RVing so, yes, you do take the bad with the good.


    1. Jodee–I LOVE your attitude! In some places Larry and Geri’s neighbor could be classified as nose-y but in a neighborhood where places are left vacant for months on end, Marilyn is a great neighbor–nothing gets past her! And it was so comforting to have her bring us a “sorry you are having a bad day” gift!


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