Montana Friends Come To Visit

Thursday I painted and the Cowboy hung drywall and spread more drywall mud–it’s a never ending process! I painted half the ceiling in the living room–oh, my aching neck! And I painted a partial wall in the living room–a gorgeous, golden yellow–it looks great.

Friday morning Montana friends Max and Dave arrived. Max has a brother in Apache Junction and they flew down to visit with them and took a side trip to see us. Really Max came to see the sandhill cranes–not us.😄And we obliged by taking them to Whitewater Draw. It was a beautiful day and the wildlife area didn’t disappoint. We’ve never seen so much water at Whitewater. It was the middle of the day and still there were hundreds and hundreds of cranes, ducks and small birds. The owls were under the eaves of the pavilion structure–it was truly a perfect day!


Someone in our group wanted to see the border fence and we once again obliged–we are good tour guides! Off to Douglas we went stopping at the Gadsden Hotel for a late lunch. We ate at the hotel a long time ago and I remembered the service as being horrible and the food mediocre. It’s changed! I had a Gadsden burger and it might be the best hamburger I’ve ever eaten. We all had great food in a restaurant with ambiance (read–not a bar and not a Mexican restaurant) and great service. This is the lobby of the Gadsden Hotel which opened its doors in 1907. The hotel is in the process of slowly being renovated and updated and it shows.

Late in the afternoon Max and Dave headed north having not decided if they were stopping in Tucson for the night or continuing on to Apache Junction–thanks for coming guys–we enjoyed seeing you!

Saturday we hung the first of three mini splits in the main house.

It was a beautiful day Saturday and I spent time in the yard cleaning around the base of our trees and doing a bit of pruning. Saturday evening we were invited to Dan and Louanne’s for dinner where we were joined by Janice and Linda. The food was spectacular–Dan smoked racks of ribs and they were the best ribs I’ve ever eaten–delicious!

Sunday was another beautiful day and after church and lunch I again worked in the yard. The Cowboy is making progress and is almost finished with the drywall install in the second bedroom of the main house. The master bath is also now ready for painting–we are definitely making progress!

I took this photo at Dan and Louanne’s last night using Louanne’s Samsung phone–sunset was amazing! Life is good!

12 thoughts on “Montana Friends Come To Visit

  1. Sounds like a perfect day at Whitewater Draw. Love seeing all that water. The owls are adorable. Love the yellow you painted in the living room. It is the perfect color for a southwestern adobe home. Keep those photos coming of the house improvements coming!!


  2. Whitewater Draw has been on my list for a long time…one of those places we just never get to when in Tucson. So happy to read there were lots and lots of birds for the viewing. That’s a beautiful picture of the hotel lobby. I probabally should know, but I don’t…what is a mini split? It’s amazing the work just two people can get done and so rewarding the sit back and see the progress. Gorgeous sunset…gay

    Oh, that’s a great photo of you and the Cowboy!


    1. We always go to Whitewater in the evening, right before sunset when the sandhills are coming in to roost for the night. We were really surprised to see to many birds during the day. A mini split is a small heating and air conditioning unit usually placed in each room you want to heat/cool. They are often used in existing homes where it would be hard to run ducting. It is amazing the work we’ve done on this house and I bet your’s and Joe’s is the same! I liked that photo too.


      1. Quick question: Are Pancho Villa’s horse’s prints still on the Gadsden stairs? I hope the renovation didn’t take them out. It’s part of history.


      2. I’m sorry to say Emjay that I didn’t even think about checking for the horse prints and I kick myself because that’s something our friends would have enjoyed seeing. Next time.


  3. Fire in the sky!
    That Gadsden Hotel stained glass ceiling could be copied into a beautiful quilt. Thanks for all the bird pictures!


  4. That Gadsden lobby is gorgeous – will definitely have to check it out on our next visit to Douglas! As soon as my sciatica clears up we have to get over to see the cranes and owls. Loving these sunny days!


    1. I feel for you Jodee–I’ve had several bouts of sciatica and it’s no fun!! I was finally cured by a therapeutic massage therapist in Big Timber. Had my hip injected twice which helped temporarily but the deep tissue massage helped the most. By the way, do you sit with Tessa in your lap–I stopped letting Emmi sit in my lap in the car and that also helped my hip.


  5. Always so enjoy your posts! It’s amazing what
    you two accomplish. Will your two houses be separate
    homes or do they connect and walk straight into
    one another?
    Looks like your a pro at painting. Nice!


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