Friends And More Friends

Happy Birthday to the best sister in the world! My sister Ann is kind, giving, so hardworking and a joy to me. Happy Birthday Ann!

My niece Niki–Ann’s daughter came up with this gorgeous photo of her mother and me–oh my!! Taken in 1992–1993.

Monday afternoon the Cowboy and I had just retired to our respective couches for our after lunch sit down when we heard the noise of those loud type motorcycles approaching–and close–Harley motorcycles if you are unsure which ones are the “noisy ones.”😁😁 It was Montana friends Larry and Rocky. Larry has inherited a place near Douglas, Rocky drove down with Larry and will fly back soon–they were out enjoying the warm weather and sunshine. We sat at the dining table for a couple hours and solved the world’s problems.

Tuesday we had more visitors. John and Pam who have given up full time RV living and have purchased a home in Boulder City, Nevada are in Tucson for about a month. Jodee and Bill have purchased a home in Tombstone. They all arrived about noon and we did the house tour–they were all here two years ago when the main house was still a structural wreck–they were impressed with all our progress. Jodee brought delicious beans and Pam provided a fabulous Cesear salad to go along with the brisket and potatoes I cooked. Dessert was one of those decadent flourless chocolate cakes–YUM! We spent the entire afternoon catching up and solving those world problems! The dogs–Tessa and Emmi–tolerated each other.

We don’t answer calls from numbers not in our contact list. We get those annoying calls from our Montana area code which make you think it’s someone you know but have learned–don’t answer! Last week I got one of those calls from my OWN number!! Well, today the phone rang twice before I could get to it and then stopped ringing–this message appeared on my screen–

The phone number had too many digits–maybe even an out of country number. Thank you Verizon!

Pam has quite the reputation across the nation among the dogs belonging to friends–she is known as the Treat Lady. Tessa has had more experience with Pam and knew exactly who she was–Emmi learned fast!

Wednesday I started painting–the ceiling and a short wall in the living room area. The Cowboy continues to hang drywall and spread drywall mud.

Geri posted this photo on Facebook today–made me homesick for all these people. This ATV ride was out of Brenda, AZ in 2016.

Tuesday morning it started raining and by the time the storm ended over a half inch of rain had fallen. Wednesday morning the storm clouds were still hanging around making for nice photos– And, one last thing–the finished shower–well, except for the grab bar.

12 thoughts on “Friends And More Friends

  1. That shower looks sweet!! You two surely have a ton of friends! So appreciate you welcoming nature and hospitality. I’m sure all your friends love that about you


    1. Are you kidding me??? The guys on motorcycles asked me if we were going to finish this house, sell it and remodel another one–I said, “not with this wife.” and I’m sticking to that story–I’m done!


  2. Thanks again for hosting us all so we can continue to marvel as the beautiful work you have done on the houses. John and I are still talking about your shower. We really like the tile you chose. It was so nice to get time to relax and catch up with you and Michael, as well as , Jodee and Bill. Glad to have Emmi warm up once she realized I had a special treat (thanks for it prepared for me). Once again you outdid yourself with a fabulous meal. John LOVED the cake. I think he was disappointed I didn’t take some for later. He does love his chocolate.


    1. I’m disappointed he didn’t take some cake! Thanks for all the compliments about the house–we are loving the work we’ve done! And, it was so fun to see you guys again–let’s not wait two years for the next visit.


  3. What a great visit!! Can’t believe we had rain again, but it sure makes for beautiful colors and changing views. Still marveling at seeing the vision come to fruition. You two are amazing. That brisket melted in the mouth, and don’t get me started on that cake! Thank Emmi for sharing her space with Tessa – and Gramma Pamma too! The shower is a stunner, and so smart to have the faucet handle at the opening instead of under the shower head. That should be mandatory 🙂


  4. LOVE your shower…I can see spending hours in there with all the hot water I want! So nice to see photos of you, Michael, Pam and John, and Jodee and Bill. Gay


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