Not Much Going On

We welcomed the rain on Thursday–only about three tenths–but it cleaned the air and made the desert smell wonderful. While Emmi and I were walking Thursday morning the sandhill cranes were on the move–three large flocks flew overhead chattering away.

I tackled the shower cleanup on Thursday, cleaning away the remaining grout powder and then sealing the grout with some nasty, smelly stuff–about did me in! The Cowboy is working on the mini-split install. Everything is harder in an all ready existing structure with almost no attic and lower ceilings than most houses have.

After the rain Friday dawned with mostly sunny skies and some fog–the hills rising out of the fog made for a cool shot.

Friday afternoon we headed to Douglas with a mission in mind. I’m swearing off reading reviews! We chose a restaurant that had nothing but four and five star Yelp reviews–it was absolutely awful–the worst Mexican food we had ever eaten! On to the Walmart store for a couple things where we were most definitely the minority!😃And finally to the nursery where we purchased ten more trees for our yard–three foot fast growing eldarica pines. The trees we purchased from this nursery two years ago as one foot trees have grown to six feet–abundant sunshine and water.

On the way home from Douglas we made contact with our friend Larry and his driving partner Rocky. They had driven from Montana through awful snow storms and were very glad to be in the sunshine and 68 degree weather. Larry owns a place near Douglas.

Saturday I sewed–nothing exciting–patching a pair of Michael’s jeans and attaching a backing to a wool piece of my sister’s. Sunday afternoon I attached the binding to the same wool piece–now for the hand work. My sewing machine gave me fits Sunday–it was a used Pfaff when we purchased it and a piece of junk! The bobbin thread kept breaking, time after time. What should have taken me 30 minutes took two hours! My sewing machine in Montana is a Pfaff Tiptronic and it will sew anything–I love that machine!

Saturday evening we enjoyed a delicious prime rib dinner at the VFW hall with Dan and Louanne. The people sitting next to us looked familiar–at least the wife did. I began talking to them and discovered it was Ken and Verna–Canadian friends of John and Brenda’s. We’ve met Verna before–just not Ken. They too are loving the sunshine and warm weather!

Sunday we were couch potatoes–I went to church, made us lunch and except for the sewing machine debacle, I laid on the couch and read becoming so relaxed I forgot to publish the Sunday night blog–so here it is! The Cowboy watched a documentary about how country music started and parts of the football games.

Life is good.


6 thoughts on “Not Much Going On

  1. I would love to sew, but your struggles on Sunday are my struggles everytime I try to sew anything! I get so frustrated! We are definitely looking forward to some Sunday couch potato days! Gay


    1. I’ve sewed for a long, long time–since I was in my 20’s and am very competent but that sewing machine has to go! What a headache! I bet you are looking forward to some relaxing days–wish you were in Tucson–Pam, John, Jodee and Bill are coming for lunch.


  2. I don’t think it’s being a couch potato when you only do it for a few hours on one day! I’m thinking we need to find a good Mexican food chef and start a fund to bring them to the area – how do have such poor choices here?! We saw more cranes in flight on our way back yesterday, a large flock!


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