What A Day

When we spent two months in Mexico back in 2008-2009, one of the things we noticed right away were the free ranging, crowing, obnoxious roosters. Those colorful, strutting things were everywhere and noisy! The roosters didn’t just crow at dawn, they crowed all night. Friends who came to visit also noticed the roosters and were not impressed.

The Cowboy has been saying he hears a rooster crowing in the wee hours of the morning. My husband has no hearing issues, he hears very well except when I’m talking to him asking him to finish some task!😝Sometimes I think he hears better than I do and my hearing is really good–my Dad used to say I could hear an ant crawl across the floor and I’m thinking I can. As a result of this perfect hearing I sleep with ear plugs and I’ve not heard this rooster. I must admit I doubted the Cowboy–so we took a drive Monday evening. Low and behold someone over in town has a rooster and coop full of chickens. In town! Most towns which allow chickens also have ordinances against roosters. If I neighbored this rooster, he would have to depart.

While out and about on our rooster searching mission we spotted this big guy–Emmi and I saw him Monday morning but he was too quick for me and the camera. Monday evening it was getting dark and he was moving fast–

Our heating and air conditioning mini-split system arrived Monday–it’s simply amazing what you can purchase on Amazon!! This install is something new for the Cowboy and his brain is hurting–he was on the computer for most of Monday afternoon researching and then researching some more. I’m absolutely no help except to keep him fed!πŸ˜‹

We were both running older Toshiba laptops with Windows 7–for Christmas I got a new laptop with Windows 10 and surprisingly didn’t notice any deal breaker differences. We both read an article about being able to download Windows 10 for free and decided to give it a try on the Cowboy’s Toshiba. We started the process at about 9am on Tuesday and when we left for Tucson at 12pm the laptop was churning away. Back home at about 9pm we found the laptop had successfully installed Windows 10 and the Cowboy was also successful in using the new operating system right away.

Whew–that was one busy trip to Tucson on Tuesday! Our main goal was to retrieve Dan and Louanne from the airport at 7pm. We didn’t want to spend a lot of time at the airport just waiting so we planned our day, departing at noon instead of our usual much earlier time. Emmi had a routine veterinarian appointment at 2pm which went well–she didn’t think so–but it did. We then started our errands. Returned a bunch of stuff at Home Depot and purchased more then enjoyed a burger at Five Guys.

I made a run into Target looking for “work” jeans. I’m down to my last pair of jeans to wear for working on the house, painting, gardening, etc. None of my good, expensive jeans are ready to recycle into work jeans. Before we left Montana I stumbled upon some great fitting, long, skinny jeans at Target–for $24!! The day I stumbled the jeans at Target were on sale for $15!!. Tuesday they were on sale for $20 but that particular Target didn’t have any sizes in “long.” So, Wednesday morning I ordered two pair online for the same sale price. Cool!

A Hobby Lobby stop, Costco, a Walmart grocery pickup and we were on our way to the airport waiting a mere 30 minutes for Dan and Louanne’s plane to arrive. The trip home was uneventful despite the efforts of all the wildlife!! I was driving, it was dark of course and every critter in Cochise County Arizona had a death wish last night. I think we saw three owls who swooped at the truck, two buck deer–one on each side of the road, a javelina and best of all–a bobcat with a rodent of some sort in his mouth darted across the road in front of us. It was a zoo out there last night!

Wednesday morning this red-tailed hawk let me get so close before taking flight–


4 thoughts on “What A Day

  1. I can’t imagine living near a rooster!! Glad Emmi’s appointment went well. Sounds like a wild drive home in the dark. I hate having to drive anywhere in the dark. My eyes always hurt from the strain of watching for glowing eyes.


    1. Like I said, the rooster would have to go. I’m sure there used to be rules in Sunsites–now I’m thinking there are no rules. We rarely go anywhere at night but our friends needed a taxi.


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